iPhone users most prone to accidents

apple-logo-on-broken-screen-computer-wallpaper-1920x1200-3209 iPhone users are bloody clumsy, according to a new report.

Almost half of all users of the iPhone admitted to accidents such as sitting on it, dropping it in the loo or knocking booze over it.

The report from Lightspeed/ GMI also revealed that one fifth of the Britons had damaged their phone to the extent it needed replacing.

27% had sat on the thing, another eight had stood on it and, well, 1% admitted to microwaving it. The clots.

Android users are nearly as clown-handed with their handsets, with 41% claiming a mishap, Windows phone users followed with 38%.

The only thing on phones that people said they would pay to get fixed was the call function. As in, the actual point of the handset. Which is some good news. 63% would live happily with a cracked screen and 45% aren't that arsed about software updates either.

The brilliantly named Ralph Risk, marketing director Europe at Lightspeed GMI, said: “Manufacturers might want to think about ways to make phones more appealing – particularly as the market is at saturation point” (water resistance, smash proof and drop proof features were all found to be appealing to users)."

“Technical gizmos are all well and good, but there’s a real opportunity to make them people-proof too... throw in a no-quibble replacement insurance policy for the chewed, cooked, squashed, soaked or dropped phone, and there may be a new revenue stream for manufacturers,” he said.

GMI’s online panel had previously done a survey in October 2014 with 1,000 respondents who all owned smartphones. 54.5% were Android users, 29% had an iPhone, Windows phone users accounted for 9.5% and the likes of Blackberrys counted for 7%.

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  • Mad B.
    It is amazing how many iPhone users have an accident at about the same time the battery on their phone starts to die.........

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