iPhone users are the most likely to sext

sex with glass Of all the phone-havers in the world, the most likely to sext, send dirty messages and send pictures of their twitching junk, are people who have iPhones.

According to some very useful research, honest, Fanbois and Fangurls are most likely to send you a saucy message, with a third of them 'at it'. Only 21% of BlackBerry owners and 17% of Samsung users are likely to talk dirty to you. Maybe everyone else is having actual sex, rather than living their lives through emojis?


It doesn't end there - around 19% of all respondents to the YouGov survey stated that they'd, at some point, sent a dirty message to the wrong person, with 1 in 20 sending rude behaviour to their mother-in-laws.

So what else are people doing on their phones? Well, 12% of iPhone users said they'd ended a relationship via text message while 13% of HTC owners said they'd been dumped by message. Strong correlation there. We can only assume that Apple fans can't bear the thought of having any sort of meaningful relationship with someone who has an Android phone.

There you have it. iPhone owners are the most risque mobile users. Probably all that middle-class guilt and repressed randiness that comes with a thoroughly stable upbringing.

We await the results from the 'Which Mobile Users Are Most Likely To Go Postal?' survey.


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