iPhone updates disabling your alarms

iphone7Apple have been all manner of problems lately, making a real pig's ear of the whole 'just works' mandate that is often trundled out by fanboyz. And there's another one too, as iPhone updates are disabling people’s alarms, meaning they're sleeping in.

On the new versions of iOS 9, you can install updates overnight, so you can kip through it instead of impatiently gawping at your handset. However, this service seems to switch your alarms off, which means you might end up being late for work and looking like a massive liar to your boss.

Obviously, if you fancy a lie-in this week, this would be a good ruse to use, and link them to this article. Bosses are too self important and won't read this far into the piece anyway.

If you want to avoid this, here's what you do: when your iPhone or iPad downloads a software update, you get the option to install it there and then, or wait 'til later. The latter option is the one that is causing the bother, so make sure you have a back-up alarm or install it immediately.

Apple are always releasing minor updates for iOS, so this will probably get ironed out at some point, so don't worry yourself unduly, okay? Good.

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