iPhone to drop headphone jack with this adaptor?

iPhone headphone jack adaptor

There's been a lot of rumours, saying that the iPhone 7 is going to get rid of the headphone jack, and an image is doing the rounds of an adaptor which backs the notion.

The device, pictured, will turn the Lightning port into a traditional headphone jack, should you want to use your own headphones.

It looks a bit on the large side, but Apple won't mind that, as they really want to flog you some new wireless headphones.

You can imagine they'll be made by the Apple-owned Beats By Dr Dre too.

This device has been advertised by Chinese accessory maker Tama Electric, and is basically a pretty ordinary dongle, that will plug into your iPhone's Lightning port, so you can whack in your preferred headphones.

As you can see, there's also volume controls on the thing too.

The company have made a variety of models, and two of them have an additional Lightning socket which will let you charge your phone while you're listening to music.

You can have a look at the devices on Tama Electric's page.

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