iPhone signal flaw down to dodgy software, apparently

iphone 4 Look, we’re as sick of the iPhone 4 as you lot but here we go again…

Poor signal… blah blah… actually software error… blah blah… relating to how signal bars are displayed… blah blah… patch fix available within a few weeks… blah blah… refunds available… blah blah… ‘simple and surprising’… blah blah… industry insiders sceptical… blah blah… load of old pony… blah blah…



  • Matt
    So at first they say it's an actual physical fault, they realise they would have a massive recall on their hands if that is the case and suddenly it's a software fault... :-p Lol. Doesn't explain all the speed test results that people are posting all over the net of speed 0.1x normal when holding.... Software my arse. Bet the apple fan boys will defend it to the end though :-p New software will just over state the signal / be able to detect the short circuit created when you hold it and not change the signal bars :-p
  • The B.
    Android, no more to say.
  • M4RKM
    I had an android phone. Thought it was shite in comparison, clunky, shite battery life, no decent apps. Streaming video and audio was awful... I'll take an iPhone any day
  • the r.
    just get a case for it for god sake who wouldnt after sheding out all that money on it in the first place! gear4 bumper case 15 quid online!! if you cant afford that you shouldnt of got the one in the first place!
  • Brad
    Yeah thats right spend a fortune on a phone that does supposedly 'Just works' and everything, then spend 15 quid on something else because it dont work properly. How about fuck off and just build it properly.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    No fanbois will out their iPhone in a case... how will they go OTT to show it off in the pub if its hidden away in the case. They just have to make sure they have a box of kleenex on hand to wipe their giz stains off it. @ M4RKM - you must of had the first ever Android dinosaur handset.... try the Desire, it rocks.
  • The H.
    @ the voice of reason: "you shouldnt of got"???? Apostrophe! Past tense uses "have", not "of" The Grammar Hammer STRIKES!
  • Laurz
    Apple are bullshitting if you ask me. A challenge for BitterWallet. Get hold of an iphone, put it inside some kind of signal blocking box and watch the signal drop. This won't be a software (or hardware fault), it will be normal and the signal should drop. Wait till after the software update and do it again, I predict the phone will now suddenly show it as having signal when it is impossible. Do that test and if the results are as I suspect you'll have proof that Apple have changed the software to display false signal to trick their customers into thinking the problem is solved. Any chance of BitterWallet taking up the challenge? You know you want to
  • gyujg
    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.24229 go on!
  • bwah h.
    Apple should just recall the fucking thing, fix it and stop the fucking bullshit. Its obviously an epic fail. Cunts.
  • zacspeed
    Android FTW!
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. Does anyone want to swap their iPhone 4 for my 3gs, with a little money on top (from me)?
  • Absinthian
    I had an iPhone 3GS and I loved it. But then switched to a Nexus One cos I was completely sick of Apples bullshit ethics and closed-shop business practices. The final straw was when they told developers what environment they had to use to get their apps passed by the approval Nazis. I'm not defending Microsoft, but if they tried some of the things that Jobs' and his crowd have been getting away with of late, half of the world would be up in arms. As a closing note, I truly believe that the iPhone - and a lot of Apples 'back catalogue' are fantastic devices that have forced other manufacturers to get off their arses and start innovating again. It's just such a shame that what Apple has become is the antithesis of everything that it once stood for. @Brian: Seriously think about an Android device, Android is as capable as iOS and you won't need to have to put up with being told what you are allowed to do by what is rapidly becoming a very unsavoury company.
  • Absinthian
  • klingelton
    @Absinthian agree with everything you've said there. when iPhone first came out, it was head and shoulders above what everyone else was doing, but everyone else who was close was microsoft, who were still rehashing phone os that was never designed for a phone and was seriously out dated. Then came Andriod which is fast shaping up to be the OS that apple should have had. I have a mate (incredible, isn't it) who hated iPhone and refused to get a smart phone because he deemed iPhone to be the best and didn't want to be seen as an apple fanboy with a rubbish phone which is more of a fashion accessory than a communication device. He has just got himself a desire and says it's the best thing ever. I have another mate (2, you kidding) who got the legend as an upgrade - loves it, and he's one of the most gadgety type g33ks i know. I have a win mo touch pro 2, which is good, but not quite as good as legend or desire (or old iphone for that matter) but i still think it's great! Goes to prove that you can live without apple!
  • M4RKM
    @Pizza_D_Action nope.. had the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Was the most awful piece of shit I've ever used. Furthermore, the app store which is what people complain about on Apple, is so much better on an iPhone compared to the utter tosh that is available on the Android Marketplace. Surely it is personal preference, and bitching shouldn't go on about what people want to use or prefer to use. I still know people who want to use a Series 40 Nokia handset, and won't use anything else.
  • Moonbeam
    I'm having terrible reception problems with my iPhone 4 on Orange. If wifi is turned on GSM signal drops 2 bars, if I dont hold the phone in a certain way (I'm left handed) then the signal just about completely disappears. I'm not in a poor signal area, this even happens at work in central London! Do you think I can cancel my contract with Orange and return the phone?
  • Absinthian
    @M4RKM: What version of Android OS was on the Xperia? I agree totally that the 1.x iterations were bloody awful! I looked at Android when it was 1.6 and frankly didn't even give it a second thought. Android 2.2 is radically different from Android 1.x. It's faster, more responsive and much more friendly than the earlier versions you probably wouldn't even consider it to be the same OS. You should keep in mind that the iPhone is now on version 4. Also, the Xperia is made by Sony. In my opinion, I don't think I've ever seen a phone from Sony that wasn't a crock of shit. Nice looking crock of shit, maybe - but still a crock of shit at the end of the day. In relation to Android Marketplace being utter tosh, can you quantify the statement? Is it the format of Marketplace you have issue with, or the applications available there?
  • rory g.
    If people actually read the Apple statement they would see that Apple has said the iPhone is showing too many signal bars in relation to the signal strength, so now it is just going to show less bars and when you grip the left corner the effect on signal strength will look less dramatic.
  • Moonbeam
    Well I suspecxt what Apple says is a pile of Bull****. If it's showing too many bars, how the hell then can my iPhone show 2 bars at Victoria Station in Central London. Does that mean it should be showing 0 or 1 bars???? Outside a main train station in cental London I would expect 5 bars and nothing less. Also a friend in my office has a Nokia and theirs shows 5 bars in my office and they are also on Orange.
  • Jase
    Apple have probably been running around like headless chickens trying to find a way to fix this (or appear to fix it), without the need for a recall...enter stage right, the software 'fix'. You know for a fact that it won't fix it, it'll be a shift in the way it calculates signal...making it appear better than it is by shifting the points when a 'bar' is shown.
  • dai
    I honestly thought this announcement from Apple was a spoof. Surely people are not complaining about the number of bars displayed on the screen, they are complaining about actual calls and data connections dropped because the thing can't get enough signal? Changing the number of bars displayed is just going to lead to people attempting to make more calls in low-signal situations, and thus more reports of dropped calls. Apple should just grow a pair, admit they fucked up and do a recall.
  • The B.
    The X10 runs v1.6, hence the reason no one tech savvy has one.
  • Jonny S.
    With the release of the 4G and my contract coming to an end I was faced with the possibility of moving to something else. I've gone with a HTC Desire instead as Absinthin did above. Brilliant phone, still messing about with the apps store and finding new things. My main issue with it is that things like the Facebook app haven't been updated like they have on the iPhone BUT that's Facebook not Android? But I can plug my phone into anyone's computer and pinch photos, music, well pretty much anything onto my phone whereas I can only do that via one PC on the iphone, everything MUST go through iTunes which really pisses me off and as Absinthin said their business practises piss me off and force me elsewhere. I love how the fanboys make out like I've just cut my own arm because I've gone to a HTC/Android, it's actually quite amusing.
  • Rheba J.
    Howdy, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any assistance is very much appreciated.

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