iPhone rumours sync on big phone / little phone for Summer

The rumours about Apple's summer iPhone releases are beginning to gather momentum, and in a shock twist, there's an element of consistency amongst them. That means precisely nothing, of course, but it's unusual for such whispers to align themselves instead of causing interference, especially three months out.

What seems certain is that there will never be a product known as the iPhone Nano. None of the rumours considered credible mention the prospect of it, and Apple themselves have said the budget market is one they've no interest in launching a product into.

What does seem likely is that Apple will launch an entry level iPhone similar in design to current models but with some spec stripped out. Electricpig reports that industry analysts believe this lower-end will have less storage and a reduced feature set, and drop wifi support in favour of 3G, with a view to aiming it at markets in Russia, India and China.

The same analysts also believe there's a super-duper iPhone on the way to replace the 3G, with 32GB worth of storage. That seems almost guaranteed, given that O2 are doing their very best to flog off the current stock of 3G handsets, and by "very best" we mean they're locking customers into a two year contract for doing them a favour.

These current rumours mirror the predictions of another analyst that were published in early February, who also suggested Apple will launch two new handsets - a 3G replacement and an entry level version - although some of the details vary. While Apple fanboys are desperate to sync their male menstrual cycles to the exact launch date, the rest of us will be content with knowing the announcement will be made in June or July.



  • acecatcher3
    woop i only have to wait another 14months for an upgrade :S loool!!
  • acecatcher3
    ps thankyou andy, paul s, paul n, or vince for sorting out my hotmail, much appreciated. :)
  • Chris
    Wonder what the PAYG price will be reduced to for iPhone 3G...
  • ET_iPhone_Home
    i got a t mobile contract that expires in june....say if i brought the current iphone on a contract from o2...would they upgrade it when the new ones out? i cant go a few weeks or months without a phone so im not waiting for the new one to come out at the end of the year!?!

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