iPhone prototypes for sale on eBay

If you want to own a piece of rare iPhone memorabilia that'll have you massaging your way through a box of man-sized Kleenex in minutes, you've got less than two days to to bid on a unique piece of Apple history on eBay.

It's a set of two prototype iPhones, the serial numbers of reveal they were produced in the last quarter of 2006 - before the iPhones were publicly announced and over six months before they were launched. Obviously they're far from the finished product, but there are all sorts of curious apps and features that never made it into the final product:

Right now, with just two days to go, the bidding on both handsets (one doesn't work, dammit) stands at $940. Can you really see these two pieces of fanboyorama going for just that?



  • acecatcher3
    im in love with my iphone.........and my gran
  • The B.
    From the "emergency only" in the top left I'm guessig it's sim less, which begs the question can it actually be connected to a network? It's a darn site faster than my 3G model, and ac3 I love your gran too, especially when she takes her false teeth out.
  • Mr S.
    Is that a box of cereal for the icon under 'serial number'? Ugh. I refuse to buy anything that involves such bad puns. Same goes any company that claims to have Christmas 'wrapped'. Ngh.
  • acecatcher3
    cheeky bob...cheeky (i know what u mean tho :D) i wonder how long it will b until a new iphone is released ill ill start to feel bad about not being able to upgrade for another year :S
  • Bob M.
    yeah well i love all your nans when they wrap their gums round me plums ;)
  • Karen
    And there she was ....gone! The last time I looked at the auction it was on $2700! Apple have obvioulsy yoinked the auction and the Youtube video of it! :o(

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