iPhone owners all skint and pretending to be something they're not

iPhone-Cake_slideshow_image If you’re an iPhone owner, chances are that you’re constantly wiping sweat off it. Sweat that pours from your furrowed brow, from the stress and worry caused by the fact that you’re up to your eyes in DEBT.

Or at least that’s the findings of a new YouGov survey which claims that someone’s salary and financial circumstances can be linked to the phone that they own. If you own an Android-powered phone or a BlackBerry, you are more likely to be earning more than your hovel-dwelling iPhone-brandishing counterparts.

BlackBerry owners are the richest amongst us all, with 10% of them earning more than £50,000 in a year – only 5% of iPhone owners make that amount and one in five users of the Apple Jesus Phone say that their main bank account is always overdrawn.

28% of respondicators to the poll said that they own an Android phone, compared to 26% who are iPhone users, which surely makes Android the winner.

What have we learned from this? That all iPhone owners are flash little twerps who don’t actually have the fiscal substance to be able to back up what they imagine to be a luxury lifestyle. As ever, we welcome your comments – unless they’re idiotic and poorly delivered.

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  • Zleet
    InB4 the Apple trolls wake up and claim they be squillionaires.
  • Fake B.
    Is it as simple as the Blackberry is more business orientated, hence more richer owners, and the iPhone is more toy-like and more attractive to everyone else?
  • Ben
    They are probably right but boy is there some venom in your posting! Someone didn’t get their oats sowed last night. Try being a little nicer through out the day and possibly retype the blog? Ben
  • brian
    Yup, balckberry's are standard issue at large corporations. If the CEO of Barclays bank has a blackberry then then the average income of blackberry users have gone up substantially. Bill Gates walks into a bar and the average income of each person has gone up 1 million fold. Did I hear that here?
  • DJDarren
    I R A SQUILLIONAIRE! I can, to a certain extent, understand where this poll's coming from. As a rule, BlackBerry owners tend to be favoured by business types, or at least people working in more high powered jobs, because they offer unparalleled email integration. iPhones and 'Droids tend to be playthings, but iPhones do cost a bit to buy. They're also a damn site more covetable than most Droid handsets. /my2p
  • The B.
    Having worked in hedge funds where most of the staff earn serious money, they all have Blackberry's, not a single one of them knows how to work a Blackberry properly but they all have them so they can send/receive emails on the move.
  • MrRobin
    @brian: That's why you don't use the mean average when talking about skewed data such as salary/income scales. the article talks about median averages and percentiles.
  • tom
    Ha brian just got statistic slapped
  • Gordon S.
    "we welcome your comments – unless they’re idiotic and poorly delivered." Why? this would fit with the article.
  • HolyH
    It serves a dual purpose, so it's actually more cost effective to own an iPhone. How many blackberry owners also own an ipod? then consider the financial consequences.
  • brian
    I was never really good at statistics. Much preferred algebra.
  • Tim
    Probably the iPhone ownership is skewed by the less technically minded, the writers, actors and bloggers of the world who may appreciate the artistic factor but struggle to actually make any money. Those who make bucket loads own functional phones that make calls, have an address book, receive their emails and aren't interested in sexy apps. The technical geeks own Androids and hack them. Or maybe it's like the statistics that show the less well off tend to be more likely to own a satellite dish, watch ITV and read trashy newspapers. Don't think iPhone owners are there yet (and they probably read the Independent or Guardian).
  • Martin
    All I know is that outside the school gate it's the free school lunch mums texting on the iPhones in between buying lottery tickets, crisps and fanta for their kids tea, while the middle class mums check their mail on their HTC Desire and Wildfire phones, in between discussing the price of swimming lessons and finding out if young James who is coming round for a play date will eat couscous. So this report backs my prejudices quite nicely.

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