iPhone on Orange and T-Mobile - are the rumours confirmed?

Trade magazine Mobile Today is carrying a feature on Orange and T-Mobile acquiring the rights to sell the iPhone in the UK, a rumour that has been circulating the industry for several weeks. However, from the tone of this industry-based piece it appears to already be a done deal:

It's likely that O2 will continue to exclusively sell the new iPhone 3GS, while Orange and T-Mobile will offer last year's 3G handset. According to Mobiletor, T-Mobile has already started informing customers that it will soon launch the iPhone. Carumba.



  • Simon
    this is great, means more competitive pricing over the phone.
  • Sean
    Yay for competition. Boo for it being the two shittest networks competing. T-mobile with their shitty reception and hidden charges, and Orange with their POS customer service... Wheres Voda? :|
  • teamladd
    I have just upgraded my contract on Orange, there best be some sort of offer for existing customers!
  • StuH
    The article says the 3G (not 3GS) will be offered by T-Mobile and Orange and yet the picture in the advert shows the built in compass which is only on the 3GS. A little odd?
  • chrisg.
    Are we sure that they aren't referring to people using unlocked iPhones on other networks as well in the article. I think the 3G only is a done deal.
  • Paul N.
    Yeah I was wondering that also StuH...
  • me
    @ Sean - lol, exactly the opposite way round for me, T-mobile have excellent signal in my house/area whereas orange is shite. Also found orange CS to be rather rubbish on the two unfortunate occasions i had to use them...
  • Terry B.
    Just a bit too late, left orange 2 weeks ago after being with them since day 1. Still, no probs with O2 and iphone is well worth moving networks for.
  • DItto
    @StuH - it's not an ad on that page - it's a graphic the mag has knocked up for the article.
  • Motorola N.
    [...] iPhone on Orange and T-Mobile - are the rumours confirmed ... [...]
  • lana
    yes its true my brother is a manager at carphone warehouse who knew weeks ago that ORANGE will soon launch the iphon no idea about TMobile, al my friends and family are on orange no prob except the overseas customer service is awful. But for the time being O2 will retain the 3Gs,. Anyione payong their tariff must be crazy.Competition will certainly bring down the prices, why should we be chained by O2 this is 2009
  • O2 B.
    [...] In there Summer there were all manner of rumours concerning the iPhone; specifically, that O2 would lose exclusivity and that both Orange and T-Mobile would pick up the 3G handset to sell, although O2 were expected to retain rights to the newer 3GS. It was more than a rumour according to trade publications – we found this feature in a copy of Mobile Today: [...]

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