iPhone no longer a desirable smartphone?


Wake up and smell the biscuits Apple fans – the iPhone is DEAD. That might be a slightly overly-hysterical opening line, but what used to be known as the ‘Jesus Phone’ is no longer in the nation’s list of five favourite handsets.

According to a new report from uSwitch, the iPhone4 is down to number six in the handset chart, with HTC taking the top three spots. In these trying economic times, it seems that consumers are more interested in getting a free or cheaper handset than forking out for the iPhone, a handset that was once regarded as a ‘premium’ piece of kit but is now just another smartphone.

Here’s that top ten in full…

1. HTC Desire
2. HTC Desire HD.
3. HTC Wildfire.
4. Blackberry Curve 8520.
5. Samsung Galaxy S.
6. Apple iPhone 4 (16Gb).
7. Motorola DEFY.
8. Sony Ericsson S500i.
9. Samsung G800.
10. Samsung i600.


  • H-dog
    Is this the same Uswitch that makes affilate comission on mobile phones sales, of which the iphone is the least profitable?
  • Gimp
    I defy you to get a Desire HD free of charge on a reasonable tariff.
  • Paul
    Gimp, my Desire HD is £25 a month, was free, and have 500m calls, 500mb data, unlimited texts, on Vodafone. 18 month contract.
  • Tim
    They're not free. They're subsidised and we all pay inflated monthly prices (whether you get the phone from them or not).
  • fra
    ...and maybe they just interviewed a lot of young people who can't afford iPhones.... ...as always, sales figures will tell the story...
  • Laura
    I wonder how many of those phone purchases are also those which have been chosen personally and how many are those bought by businesses for employee use and therefore much less likely to be iPhones and far more likely to be those free with tariffs?
  • Saxo_appeal
    @Andy Dawson I would love to see where this information was sourced?
  • Gil
    I had no idea so many Apple Fanbois read bitterwallet! Anyhow, fact of the matter is, Android is a superior operating system at a superior price. When you also factor in the reality of Apple supporting working conditions that cause frequent worker suicides and use amongst other things, illegal wage fixing and child slavery, it becomes a no-brainer to buy anything BUT an iPhone!
  • Tom
    Through Orange Retentions, I got a Desire HD for £15 a month for two years. Slightly better than "reasonable".
  • Carl
    @Paul, you get 500 million calls for £25 per month?
  • hippy
    i like my nokia 3310. has monophonic ringtones and has snake II game to play! what more do you need from a phone?
  • Monkey
    iPhone fanboy overload! jesus, i own a £10 phone, but i have to agree that HTC phones are worthy of their price. Not going to diss the iphone, but they really aren't as good as the owners would have you believe + its funny as most poeple i know who have them are the sort of people that spend 1-2 weeks earnings buying the thing.
  • steve
    @gimp got my desire hd free with T-Mobile 600 mins 500 texts plus flex booster (chose unlimited text) or and of course 3gb of data 30 pound a mth.
  • maxtweenie
    I got the Desire when it first came out on T-mobile last March. £15 a month, 300 texts, 300 mobile minutes, unlimited landlines and 3gb data. My whole 2 year contract cost less than a Jesus phone handset.
  • Smiff
    sales figures will tell a story.. a story about an enormous pile of Orange San Francisco being sold since xmas. many of which are now unlocked. maybe in a couple of years the story will be about how apple gained and then lost their smartphone market share. by coming up with a good UI and then never dropping the price. this survey though, is complete crap. only geeks search for those phones. most people are not geeks, and they buy iphones (currently!).
  • yak
    load of shit, even the original article on your sister site said so or did you fall asleep before you got that far through
  • Mark C.
    If these figures are remotely accurate, I suspect it's just the iPhone returning to the same shiny-but-overpriced niche purchase status occupied by every other Apple product apart from the ubiquitous iPod. Those who an Apple logo on the case actually matters to will carry on buying the iPhone, while the rest of the world will slowly shift over to cheaper handsets that do the same thing from other manufacturers.
  • klingelton
    being in a unique position - i have both handsets. my work phone is an iPhone 3gs, which replaced an iPhone 4. my personal phone - htc desire z. both are amazing handsets. however - the desire z pips the iphone to the post. although the iphone is that little bit slicker, you can find an app to do nearly everything on the android handset. and quite often, functions such as sat nav would cost £££ on the iPhone and not be a patch on the default nav package on android. The reason android sells more - it's better, cheaper and more customisable.
  • tin
    Plenty arguments there for Android, but mainly around price - handset price, contract price, app price. For everyone who isn't price sensitive, iPhone is absolutely the way to go. That's the market Apple want to be in, and that's where they are.
  • Smiff
    "For everyone who isn’t price sensitive, iPhone is absolutely the way to go" replace 'price' with 'brand' and iphone with android you'd have a point. most people who've used both recently seem to think Android is better. it's certainly developing faster - the gap's only going to widen. Apple can want what it likes, but with price interface and choice all going to Android now they're going to lose market share.
  • steve
    S500i at number 8? Apart from not being a smart phone, it's 4 years old. I doubt it tops anyone's list.

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