iPhone loophole makes your passcode redundant

Most iPhone users have a four-digit passcode in place on their handsets, so nasty people can't Frape them, or look at all those horrible selfie nude photos they've been sending out to would-be admirers.

Well, there's a loophole that pretty much makes the phone's security about as safe as a bank vault made from butter.

A video posted on YouTube shows off how to get into an iPhone, which sees the hack started by aborting an emergency call and then pressing a dozen combinations to fool the device into keeping itself wide open.

That gives whoever follows the hack, access to all your emails, online banking, personal details and numbers. If the person with your phone is particularly dastardly, they could install something and control your phone remotely, but it's more likely they'll sell your phone to Cex so they can buy eight cans of Ace and a bag of smack.

Watch the video here and try it out on your own phone, if you have nothing better to do. It requires precise timing, but as hacks go, this is a pretty easy one.




  • rasputin
    Come on, research properly for once man mof man woman man. The loophole only allows access to certain parts of the phone OS such as image gallery, contacts etc. It doesn't give access to mobile banking (which in itself has extra security measures), it doesn't allow installation of additional apps, and its also a bugger to perform, took me loads of goes to make it work. It doesn't unlock the phone permanently, it doesn't change any phone settings - it just gets around the lock for a few functions as long as you hold the power button in. Scaremonging of Daily Mail standards there MOF you fanny, and as clueless as a Daily Mail article as well.
  • Bilbo007
    @rasputin Takes practice to become as big a cunt as you are.
  • Sicknote
    Does anyone really fucking care, I don't and if anyone wants to spend a few minutes fucking with my phone to make a call then so what.
  • Chewbacca
    Rasputin may have been a mad monk, but he's spot on in his assessment of Gimmers
  • Whisky
    My android phone is secured with a symbol I draw on the screen. This has to be the most pointless security method ever as every time I unlock the phone I leave the symbol as a greasy fingerprint on the screen.
  • Darren

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