iPhone invented in the 16th Century, claims artist

Steve Jobs. Thief. It's official, we've seen the proof. You may think the iPhone was some fancy gadget dreamed up by Apple, but in fact they merely plundered the history books and cherry-picked the design from one of the greatest minds in the history of mankind. It's only Leonardo bloody Da Vinci, innit?

Artist Kevin Tong made the discovery, but rather than report Jobs and his light-fingered exploits, he decided to profit from it himself. Outrageous. The limited edition poster is gone, but you can still bag yourself a rather fine t-shirt. And watch for Apple's iHelicopter at their Summer keynote. Apparently it's some crazy flying machine that doesn't have wings. Witchcraft, I tells ya.

[iSteamPhone] via [Likecool]


  • ha
    Ha, Proof then that Apple are a bunch of thieving people who cannot be trusted
  • Juan K.
    This certainly begs the questions, WTF? and Why?

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