iPhone education for the nation. If you're a toddler.

There'll probably be a bunch of dickish comments as soon as I post this, but for me, this is one of the best uses of an iPhone smartphone I've seen. It's a simple, fun way to engage kids with technology at a very young age, and hopefully means that smartphones are being seriously considered as an educational platform, Of course there's nothing wrong with your kids maiming aliens and staring at chesticles all day, but it'd be good if they learnt something too:


  • Gunn
    Interesting mix of new tech and traditional. but does the book really add much to the experience? apart from just having something to hold?
  • BitterGit
    Anyone know what song that is?
  • Jeffrey A.
    Surely they mean +, and not x This is a great idea. Get kids learning stuff AND learning to use tech at the same time. Would be better with a bigger screen than the iPhone though, and at least two and a half times the screen resolution, for crisper images that promote MORE learning. I'd recommend the HTC HD2, rather than that outdated brick.
  • Bulldog
    Love how the Dad is holding on to the book at all times just incase the kid throws a tantrum and lobs his precious iPhone across the room!!
  • Junkyard
    "Phone Book" eh? That's catchy. It's just a shame the screen is so small. Such "educational software" would work particularly well on a large screened "computing device". If only such a thing existed.
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  • Dave T.
    *Other overpriced phones are available.

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