iPhone Dev Team crack iPhone 3g baseband processor

The iPhone 3g has been on the market for months now but a software unlock has so far eluded the unlock community. The software unlock solution may be imminent though as the iPhone Dev Team (the ones who pioneered the 2g unlock) have released a video today where they gain baseband access and install a custom app. The ability to crack the baseband opens up the possibility of manipulating the control of hardware and thus circumventing the Apple unlock.

The current solutions for those wishing to unlock their iPhone 3g are a dodgy hardware unlock generally by way of a SIM hack or buying an official unlocked handset. The modified SIM unlock is unreliable and not recommended by the unlock community. The best option is to drop a whack of cash and buy a PAYG Italian, Belgian, French, Hong Kong or Australian handset which are all either unlocked by Apple out of the box or by loading the PAYG card and making a phone call to the operator. The advantage of this unlock is that it is officially done by Apple and will never be broken by subsequent firmware updates.

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  • Kandis B.
    My ipod 1G is my main iPod, Pda and much more, and even has been from the time I discovered it. It also function the recent iPod system software program, and also any app I would need it to run. I'm working with it to post this remark right now. I'd personally point out it is really a much more when compared with simply just an "excellent hobbyist system" -- it's an great iPod

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