iPhone cooks man's leg after exploding

We haven't had a tale of a mobile phone exploding for a while, but this latest one is a corker, thanks to the man in question being so descriptive of his injuries.

The iPhone that (allegedly) blew-up in a man's pocket was hot searingly hot that he claimed that people around him said that they could 'smell his body burning'.

Erik Johnson was at a party when he heard a pop in his pocket, then some fizzing and smoke, before his leg started to burn. The heat was so extreme that it melted his trouser pocket closed.

"I was literally jumping up and down trying to get the phone out of my pocket, but I think the phone melted my pockets shut so I couldn't get into it and I had to rip my pants off and throw the pants to the side," he told ABC.

"A couple of people actually said they could smell my body burning,"

Erik was forced to go to hospital and spend 10 days there after suffering third degree burns. Of course, this isn't the first time time iPhones have been said to explode, with one teenager saying his went off like a rocket, and another student with a molten mobile. We'd like to see this becoming fashionable again.

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