iPhone coming to Orange in two weeks

Bitterwallet - iPhone 3GS on Orange O2’s era of sole iPhone providership is almost over and on the stroke of midnight on November 10th, their impressive leather exclusivity glove will go ‘POOF!’ and turn to dust. Likewise, their dress will turn into a bin bag, their chariot will turn into a matchbox, their horses will turn into shrews and one of their bejewelled shoes will drop off as they scamper back off to the clutches of their ugly sisters.

Hmm, possibly got a bit carried away with the metaphor there. However, if you’re somehow still reading this, the news is that Orange will start selling the iPhone in the UK from 10th November, the day after O2’s two-year exclusivity deal for the Jesus phone comes to an end.

The Guardian are reporting that it will be sold through Orange’s retail shops and Phones4U, while Carphone Warehouse will continue to provide it for O2 and for Orange. No pricing details have been announced yet, despite what you might have heard from gangs of silver-tongued tariff-jockeys in Carphone Warehouse.


  • In f.
    Whoopee-do. More iPhone news. Goody.
  • Russ
    I wonder if Orange will cripple the operating system with their wonderful home screen as they love to do with so many Nokia phones by "tweaking" the firmware. It always slows the phones down and makes them less intuitive to use.
    Russ... I agree about the crap Orange put on their phones, but do you really think Apple will allow it? Who's the biggest fruit? Hmm.. Anyway, who cares about Orange - Vodafone is where its at.
  • Hilly
    You only post iPhone stuff....blah....Apple lovers...blah....blah....blah (Continue till fade...) ::)
  • Joff
    I dunno Russ, I found the Orange home screen on the N95 a welcome addition. I couldn't wait for the iPhone so went for an HTC Hero and bar a quick glimpse of an Orange screen at startup and the word "Orange" to show which network I'm on, there's no hint of Orange having dabbled with the phone.
  • Viv R.
    Well I got the Iphone from it launch day in the UK and I have had every upgrade and its a fabulous phone and mini computer and my latest contract ends in January so I will look with interest at the price orange will be charging competition normally means better deals let hope in this case that's what happens.
  • dunfyboy
    Just left Vodafone and I'd say their firmware's as bad as Orange when it comes to screwing up phones. I got a W810 from O2 3 or 4 years back and it was unlocked and unbranded with proper SE firmware. Why can't all phones come like that?
  • Jamie
    "Russ… I agree about the crap Orange put on their phones, but do you really think Apple will allow it? Who’s the biggest fruit? Hmm.." easy one anybody who buys overpriced apple gear ; surely? however now palm pre is same price as iphone it (ie the iphone) does'nt look as overpriced as it did
  • TFEB
    viv rosser how can you have had every version of the iphone and be out of contract in January? The 3gs only came out on the 19th June. If you did upgrade to this device then you would have had to sign a new 18month contract meaning your contract ends Jan 2011???
  • Big F.
    Maybe he paid his way out of the contract !
  • O2 B.
    [...] iPhone once it is available on other networks. In other words if you’re out of contract, you can switch to Orange in a fortnight: Q: Is there any truth in the rumour that after Orange and Vodafone are able to sell the iPhone you [...]
  • Darren
    I just paid myself out of my contract, I had the 1st Gen Iphone and the 3G iphone, both on launch days... my contract officially ends January... I ended last week when they wanted £197 for the Sony Ericsson Satio on a £45 a month tariff... thats loyalty for you after 8 years of being O2. Orange soon provided me the satio for free though on £30 a month... The Iphone is the greatest phone made, easy to use and simple... but you need a change from time to time..
  • Bodger B.
    Having now had the 3GS for over 4 months I can honestly say that I won't go with any other mobile phone manufacturer. Nokia for example will release a new phone model every month, or every 2 months. It's their business, but because of this there is no standard. Therefore accessories are few and far between, support is downright awful and install base will be poor in most cases. At least with the iPhone you have one of the largest software companies in the world regualrly updating their handsets firmware and operating system. Hacking is good too, more personalisation options and the app store provides a system whereby you can essentially change the phone functionality every week if you wanted. That combined with the best MP3 player on the market, and you've probably got the best mobile phone/PDA/Samrtphone ever made. Shame it's not cheaper though.
  • Joe S.
    Just to let you know, when the iPhone is released on Orange, it will NOT have any of their firmware installed onto phone. I have been reliably informed from the apple side of things, that it will be all their own original software/firmware. The only thing Orange related on the iPhone will be any apps that are produced - such as the new Orange Wednseday app. Got it yesterday and it's good.
  • Orange I.
    [...] iPhone coming to Orange in two weeks [...]

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