iPhone blogger "told to pull bad review or lose refund"

Last week we told you about a company actively trying to bribe a blogger to change a post criticising their shady business practises. Of course Bitterwallet suggested this was a tremendous hoot, and that an easy way to make piles of cash would be to slag off every business that does you wrong and watch the money roll on in.

Of course it doesn't always work like that. iResQ is an authorised Apple service provider that offers a 24-hour diagnostic and repair service. After dropping her iPhone, a blogger called Lyndsey sent her phone to iResQ to be repaired. She gives her account of what happened next in the the first paragraph of her letter of complaint to the company:

I recently called your customer service line to ask about the status of my iphone, which I mailed to your office on Tuesday, January 27th using overnight express mail via USPS. I was expecting the 24-hour turnaround that your website promised, and thought that at the latest, I could expect my phone on Friday, January 30th. It is now February 5th, and I still don’t have my phone back, even after I upgraded to overnight shipping. And, to top it off, I have received no further communication from anyone at iResQ letting me know that my phone repair has been delayed, and that the 24-hr turnaround time for servicing my phone could not be met.

Lyndsey posted the letter on her blog, as well as her personal feelings on the matter warning people not to use iResQ; given her experience, that could only be described as fair comment. Considering that as we type this, the blog has only had 180 views since last May, it could hardly be described as a threat. Lyndsey has since updated the blog with a story which, if true, really isn't the way to go about business:

After some excessive “fact-checking” on their part, iResQ removed the diagnostic fee and overnight shipping charges from the bill, but not the cost to actually repair my phone. I agreed, finally, because it was obvious that this was the closest thing to customer service they were willing to provide. However, even though I already expect piss-poor customer service from iResQ, today they’ve exceeded my expectations. Today iResQ threatened to “rescind the refunds” UNLESS I REMOVED MY BLOG POST. Short of libel, independent consumers have every right to express anger and dissatisfaction with businesses that fail their expectations. iResQ’s blatant attempt to stifle negative feedback is completely unacceptable.

If this is how an authorised Apple service provider has behaved towards a customer, we dare say there'll be Jobsian equivalent of a can of whoopass opened at some point in the near future.

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  • Joff
    I never make public any issue I have with a company until I know I don't stand to lose out.
  • Billy
    These companies are as dumb as a bag of spanners. If they'd repaired the phone quickly only a few hundred people would have came across the complaint because of their subsequent actions thousands now know about their customer service. When you're in a hole you should stop digging.
  • Martin
    Why did she not remove the post, get the phone and refunds of the charges, then post the comments again?
  • awakened
    Lol at Martin! I gues that's the way you should deal with companies as such....!
  • jaysexy2122005
    I agree with Martin. That was the common sense thing to do.
  • Rubisco
    I disagree, the way she's done it has had more impact. If a company had behaved like that to me I wouldn't back down one inch for less compensation than was due to me in the first place.
  • Sean
    It happens alot - had an amazon marketplace seller try to bribe me, with no less then 14 phone calls made by them! Feedback wssn't even that bad.
  • Mike L.
    Given Apples usual attitude towards its customers, Jobs wouldn't open a can of whoopass, he'd be sending them a congratulations card.
  • pip
    I had similar experience to sean, with amazon market place, i didn't back down and eventually amazon itself sorted it out. These companies try everthing to scare you off from complaining. That's how they get away with treating us like dirt. Mcaffee ....... don't even get me started on their piss poor customer service

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