iPhone at Tesco from next Monday, cancel the celebrations

The iPhone will arrive in Tesco next Monday! There's a £20 pay-monthly tariff, massively undercutting the likes of O2 and Orange! There's a 12 month contract option! It's all brilliant! You'll have to pay over £400 to get your hands on an iPhone 3GS! Wait, what? Yes, what Tesco give you with one hand - shorter contract terms, lower monthly tariffs - they snatch away with the other, by taking your eyes out over the handset prices. What's more, the £20 per month rate only comes with "£60 of calls and texts" but at 20p per minute for your calls and 10p per text, that works out a pretty poor deal - 200 minutes and 200 texts, for example.

Bitterwallet - iPhone at Tesco


  • Nick J.
    Did anyone really expect Tesco to make a loss on selling and providing airtime for the iPhone?
  • Ceri
    Upping the tariff to £25 PM and having £100 worth of calls and texts would have been much more attractive. I like that that they are mixing things up a bit though... there is clearly a very tight profit margin on these phones... for the network anyway.... Vodafone next..
  • AG
    But that 60 quid goes further with the 10p calls, and 5p texts to your favourite 5 numbers. And what about the the "Unlimited" web and wifi?
  • Tommy
    It's not that bad a deal to be fair, especially when you factor in the five favourite numbers thing... the £20 pcm offer probably works out the best value package available.
  • Tom
    I can't imagine Tesco's 3G network coverage to come close to the likes of Orange!
  • A B.
    FUCKING WANKERS. Don't forget that Apple set the iPhone prices - Tesco are doing the best they can. THEY ARE GOOD FUCKING DEALS. iPhones rule. Steve Jobs has delicious semen. I would like to see Bill Gates shot in the ass with a pickled orangatan. Fuck. Yeah.
  • Martin
    Seems not bad to me - at least it's not a copycat tariff. Good to give people options.
  • John S.
    Shanks here. The problem is that we are so accustomed to the offset world of '99p' return flights and 'free' mobile phones that when confronted by a figure such as £320 for an iPhone, the standard reaction is to balk at such a cost, like above. However, paying £320 for an iPhone 3GS, then £20 per month for 12 months, equates to £560 over the life of the Tesco contract. Whereas, taking the o2 18 month 600 mins contract costs £801.66, or £909.35 over 24 months, for example. Ergo if you are generally going to be using the five favourite numbers. then paying several hundred pounds less for the Tesco contract could be the best option.
  • Domestic&Gen-suck b.
    Mr. shanks has made a good point. I'd rather be paying less then more to those crooks who call themselves o2.
  • Nick J.
    Tesco Mobile is a joint venture between the supermarket and o2, and runs on o2's network.
  • Kevin
    PMSL @ Brian with a brain or not as the case may be..lol
  • Gazza
    A friend of mine has just started a 55pm x 24 contract which amounts to £1320. Moron!!!

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