iPhone apps jump the shark yet again with Nose Call

For all you kids lucky enough to get an iPhone for Christmas, here's yet another reason why it's light-years ahead of the competition - can you name another phone that has an app for making phone calls with your nose?

Picture 5

Yes, Nose Dial is for those of us wearing gloves and can't face taking one off for the several seconds required to dial a number or choose a contact. Nose Dial is fully customisable - after all, every nose is different! And being a German app, there's an unusually in-depth user manual. Because who 'nose' when you'll need it next! Ah ha ha.

Christ almighty.


  • Zleet
    Perfect for when that prostitute I pay to tie me up and stamp on my junk inevitably runs off with my wallet leaving me bound and gagged. Now all I need is a ball-gag texting app.
  • lumoruk
    This will be used by the next Nazi party to track down all the jews and kill them, don't buy it people! if you're a jew or a gypsy.
  • will
    @ lumoruk Wow.... seriously? Merry Christmas.
  • Don P.
    When's cock call being released ?

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