iPhone apps jump the shark yet again with Nose Call

24 December 2010

For all you kids lucky enough to get an iPhone for Christmas, here's yet another reason why it's light-years ahead of the competition - can you name another phone that has an app for making phone calls with your nose?

Picture 5

Yes, Nose Dial is for those of us wearing gloves and can't face taking one off for the several seconds required to dial a number or choose a contact. Nose Dial is fully customisable - after all, every nose is different! And being a German app, there's an unusually in-depth user manual. Because who 'nose' when you'll need it next! Ah ha ha.

Christ almighty.


  • Zleet
    Perfect for when that prostitute I pay to tie me up and stamp on my junk inevitably runs off with my wallet leaving me bound and gagged. Now all I need is a ball-gag texting app.
  • lumoruk
    This will be used by the next Nazi party to track down all the jews and kill them, don't buy it people! if you're a jew or a gypsy.
  • will
    @ lumoruk Wow.... seriously? Merry Christmas.
  • Don P.
    When's cock call being released ?

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