iPhone 6 to have reversible USB

reversible-usb-port Looks like the iPhone 6 will have a reversible USB cable with it.

An Apple bod posted a picture of the cable on Twitter, which helpfully showed the difference between the old school normal cable, and the new so-called "lightning" cable.

The Lightning cable can already be used in the latest round of iPads and iPhones, and so users no longer need to have freak outs about plugging them in wrong anymore.

According to a patent discovered by uSwitch, the cable is very clearly a thing. Designed to help rid the planet of "user frustration" and to reduce the potential for USB connector damage.

Another, new reversible cable was announced by the snappily titled USB Promoter Group, but that's not compatible with ANYTHING useful at the moment.

So there you have it. Less swearing in your life.

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