iPhone 6: Now tearing your hair out for you

apple logo We've offered a number of fixes for the amount of problems that Apple have thrown your way, but now, it seems there is a problem that will see the iPhone 6 tearing your hair out for you, so you don't have to.

No, this isn't a new weird app or something that will make you lose your wig as you bend your phone in your jeans pockets, but rather, Apple's new handset is literally ripping the hair out of your face and head.

If you think this isn't bad news for Apple, you're wrong - thing of all the web-designers, hipsters and lifestyle gurus that make up huge numbers in the Apple Fanboy Army who have beards. They've spent years cultivating them and now, their favourite gadget is balding up their faces.

So what's the deal?

iPhone 6 users have been saying that, when they try and make calls, the seam between the glass screen and the aluminium back of the phone is trapping face hairs and ripping them out.

Of course, people with slightly less hair have been going to Twitter to complain about the whole thing, using the hashtags #hairgate and #beardgate.

Quinn Nelson tweeted: "People are joking about #hairgate but this is actually a real problem. Haha. It has pulled out my goatee hairs. Hurts!" while Kavan simply stated:"My hair keeps getting caught in the microscopic seam between glass and aluminium on my iPhone 6"

However, one scamp sees it as a useful thing for now: "Going to the Apple Store to see how many hair the iPhone 6 is going to pull out of my body. #hairgate Rubbing all the demo phones on myself".

Apple are doomed, obviously.

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  • Martin
    God I've had that problem on a variety of phones over the years, including landline phones!

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