iPhone 6: Everything you need to know

iphone 6 Tomorrow is the big day when Apple unveil the new iPhone 6! One of the things we'll learn is that it might not be called the iPhone 6. We just don't know!

Everything is speculation and guesswork! Hurray!

Of course, there's a lot of videos and images of the phone being leaked all over the internet, and we've been running speculative articles too, because we don't want to be left behind on all that lovely internet traffic.

So with that, here's everything you need to know about the new iPhone.


One thing is for sure - the new iPhone will look exactly like you expect an Apple product to look like. It'll have rounded corners and a colour scheme that apes '70s science fiction films. As it is new, it'll probably be slimmer and lighter too, because that's what everyone does.


The new iPhone will probably be taller. Or wider. Or both. Phones are getting bigger again because consumers like pressing the touchscreen a lot. Apple would be mental to make a smaller phone, despite what people want.

Haptic Technology

The new iPhone may well have haptic technology. Haptic-ness has been a feature on phones for ages, so that's not at all interesting.

Sapphire Crystal Display

Apple are going for a sapphire crystal display, which means it'll be robust and hard to scratch. You'll still break your phone when you've had too much to drink mind. It isn't invincible. The new iPhone will, unquestionably, have a display. It might be curved, even though no-one is really hankering after a curved screen. Samsung’s curved screen effort didn't set the world on fire did it? The new phone will have a better resolution too, because there's no point releasing a new phone without being able to jizz on about the improved resolution.

iOS 8


Apple might give you a new operating system. They might not. Thing is, either way it doesn't matter because if you buy a new iPhone, it'll have it on whether you like it or not. Like everything else at the minute, it'll probably focus on health apps. Basically, your new phone will tell you how dreadfully unfit you are.


All new phones brag about how ace the new camera is, so you can expect the new iPhone to be the same. We hear that it'll have an 8MP camera with improved OIS. Your naked selfies are going to be warts and all from now on. Just don't upload them to Apple's iCloud, eh? Oh, and OIS means optical image stabilisation. It might have an interchangeable camera lens too as Apple got a patent for that.

iPen stylus

Apple have a bunch of patents for a stylus. They might have an iPen with this new device. They probably won't because a stylus on your phone makes you look more old-fashioned than a car-dealer wearing his Bluetooth earpiece in bed.


It'll be expensive.


We've no idea. No-one outside of Apple does.


  • Rob
    So basically you don't have a clue
  • GodisIntheDetails
    "It might have an interchangeable camera lens too as Apple got a patent for that." OOOOOO, absolutely NO prior art for that then!!!!!!
  • Jessie J.
    I 'know' that it will be overpriced shit.

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