iPad still winning thanks to hopeless Android ads

Bitterwallet - idiot Android commercials Is it possible to demonstrate - in just 30 seconds - why the mainstream market isn't interested in buying Android tablets? Why yes, yes it is.

This commercial is the embodiment of everything that Apple's competitors have been doing wrong and why - 18 months after the iPad launched - nobody is within a billion light years of rivaling Apple.

Watch and be amazed. Or not:

“Your wife will love the dual-core Tegra 2 chipset to stream movies from Android Market. It's also 4G LTE upgradable."

Whaaaaa? The reason your wife would still prefer an iPad is because she doesn't have to know what any of that means. Until Android tablet manufacturers and retailers remember one of the fundamental rules of marketing - sell the experience a product offers, not its features - they're going to continue wallowing in a vat of steaming fail.


  • me
    You outdone yourself again as a Mac fanboy. The reason that tablets are not in demand is because people still prefer laptops. Simples!
  • Boris
    Quite right "me". Apple haven't sold more than two dozen iPads all year! You can see them all on the shops; massivly overstocked. Why, I was in Dixons only yesterday and they had loads left. The guy that worked there told me they had dozens in every store in the country. "Can't shift 'em for love nor money" were his exact words. Same story in Argos, John Lewis, Comet, PC World, Best Buy, Amazon and the list goes on. It's been a total disaster for Apple; they must be losing millions a day on this product. (Had to try to post this twice - stupid Bitterwallet)
  • derby_k
    As much as I hate 'experience' marketing, think you are right on this one. Having said that, Verizon are putting out loads of pump adverts trying to appear all techy knowledgeable so this is probably their marketing plan for the year. Shame they know shit about their own products though
  • Matthew
    @Boris - Apple have already have already sold 15million iPads (around 86% of the tablet sales). LOTS of people use tablet computers. Why would Apple have this big sale range if there are other competitive sellers out there. I'm sorry, but this thread is right, the marketing for android is bad.
  • g
    this is a great post. i am in no way an apple fanboy, but jesus christ iOS is soooo far ahead of android it's ridiculous. Android, excuse my french, is for cunts.
  • Avon B.
    @ Matthew -- I think Boris was being sarcastic. Jesus I HOPE he was... The reason the iPad is a success is for the same reasons as the iPod and iPhone. They're elegant and well made. The software is designed to work with the hardware. The hardware is designed to work with the software. You don't get, you don't NEED a manual. It works out of the box and controls are largely obvious. It's the whole package.
  • Jesus
    @ Avon I can confirm the sarcasm of Boris. No heaven for him.
  • DragonChris
    @ Avon Don't forget their success is also due to successful marketing to fools easily parted with their money :) *laughs heartily at the price tag*
  • Paul S.
    DragonChris - care to dig out some examples of competitor tablets that have been priced cheaper than the iPad? None of the serious contenders have got close to Apple's price point. Not one. Me - not so much a fanboy; just go back and read/listen to the dialogue in the commercial above. That's what they think his wife cares about. That's why they're losing.
  • andy y.
    The problem is simple because Android is de facto free it is left to the cellular operators to market the product,,and they are the civil service of IT. The marketing message should be easy android based hardware is half the price of Apple and you aren't walled into whatever Apple cares to let you have.
  • I've n.
    Apple vs. Android: One is good & sold poorly, one is okay but sold well. The Verizon ad gives you a clue which is which.
  • The B.
    Tab's are shite, I don't know why you're all getting het up.
  • Paul S.
    Andy - couple of points: - as said earlier, find me a tablet from one of the major players - Dell/Samsung/BlackBerry - that is "half the price" of the iPad. They can't do it. Everyone scoffed when the iPad launched and nobody has got close since. - the bloke's wife really doesn't give a shit about Android being open and Apple being closed; she cares that it works and it's easy and it's fun. That's why nobody beyond early adopters and the smaller market of more tech-savvy individuals are interested.
  • dave
    Android LOL. It's crap.
  • me
    Strange world that I live then. I actually have seen only two people using IPads "live" not on TV. None of my workmates and friends are actually wanting one. Probably I should start going to Starbucks to have overpriced coffee and meet some macfags. @Paul. Just because the advert is rubbish it does not mean that android is rubbish. I have on my HTC and I love it.
  • Zleet
    Android adverts should just show hipster wankers with flat caps, NHS style specs, soul patches and 'trendy' scarves holding Ipads and sneering at anyone not using Apple products. Granted it's not the greatest advert in the world but the reason they list technical specs is because not everyone is a moron.
  • Paul S.
    me - I'm not talking about everyone, I'm talking about the market of people who own a tablet. Nearly all the people who own a tablet own an iPad. There are far more people outside that market who don't own an iPad and plenty of them who don't want one, but that's not relevant to the point. Neither did I say Android is rubbish. I said that everyone selling Android is doing a piss-poor job of marketing it to anybody beyond early adopters and tech-savvy individuals. Zleet - absolutely agree, not everyone is a moron. But people who don't understand the tech in this ad aren't morons either. The point is that the detail is irrelevant to a mainstream market. If Verizon only want people buying their products who understand what a dual-core Tegra 2 chipset is, that advert will do just fine. They won't sell very many though - and they aren't.
  • Zleet
    @Paul Smith Android tablet sales have jumped up massively in just the past year so it's not like they are struggling. I'm in the market for a tablet and would happily use an Ipad if it did what I needed, but after looking around and checking specs i'm going for the Asus TF101 with keyboard dock. This is because I was informed on the technical side rather than just going "ohh shiny" and buying "that one that had the song in the ad I like", but then again I am a massive nerd who cares about that stuff.
  • Paul S.
    Zleet - being 'a massive nerd that care about that stuff' probably puts you in about 5% of the available market. My point is... oh never mind.
  • Jon P.
    Frankly, I don't really care about a Tegra 2 chipset... nevermind the guy's wife ...and I'm well-versed in both sides of the Apple/Android coin (and a techie to-boot!). Something like that may well help make a decision between different Android devices, but it's of no real use to the average consumer that just wants something that works. It's a similar story all over the tech world... (browsers really spring to mind) the rights or wrongs, specs and tech all move aside to simplicity and ease-of-use.
  • Zleet
    Can I just point out I own Apple products and think they are great and my issue is not with them but with the dismissal of Android based systems on the grounds they are 'not Apple' regardless of if they are a technically superior product.
  • Adam
    Betamax, betamax, betamax......
  • Jon P.
    @Zleet ...and I would agree with you, but what I understand the author's point to be is that it's simply the way the two camps are going about their marketing. Compare the above 'Tegra 2' angle to an iPad advert... one focusses on tech, the other the experience. Hypothetically, which says more to your mum?
  • Paul S.
    Zleet - go back and read the post and then my comments. At no point have I dismissed Android or the product. I've said that they're not selling because manufacturers and retailers think the mainstream market cares whether it is more technically sophisticated.
  • Zleet
    One crappy Verizon ad is not representative of the whole, I vaguely remember seeing fancy adverts for Galaxy Tab and the Xoom (but they are probably rubbish as well). Googled about a bit on Android tablet sales and information seems to suggest they are selling very healthily. Can't vouch for the veracity but various articles mention large sales increases in a very short space of time and a jump in market share from 2.3% to 22%, but I take any of these numbers from either side with a very large grain of salt. The main reason some people seem to think Android tablets were struggling was because in an interview with some Samsung executive the term 'quite smooth' was mistranslated as 'quit small' when talking about sales. Would have been funnier if the mistake was made in google translate.
  • M4RKM
    Surely when Android tablets were selling only 2.3% of the market share there were not many around. Now, there are various different manufacturers, so just to hazard a guess, lets say at least 5 high profile manufacturers selling Android Tablets, multiply that up by at least a range of 3 across each brand, so you've got at LEAST 15 Android tablets, making up 22% of the market. So, the remaining 70 odd percent of the market is still dominated by Apples iPad and now iPad 2, which, current range is 6 strong. So, if apple can product a product that is marketed so well, is getting great coverage, and praise for it's simplicity, with a much smaller product range than all of Androids tablets put together, then this article is accurate. The marketing stinks, no one really cares what processor is in there, (apart from the geeks), and all they want to know is does it play games, can I get onto facefuck or twatter, and will it send e-mails etc, none of which really is covered in the technically driven commercial shown. Don't get me started on the playbook ad, but do users really know/care what "Flash... aaah" is? M
  • StauntonLick
    I think Apple are able to market the "experience" because, to the majority of consumers, they offer a better one than Android. True, Android has a greater array of features, better specs and more expandability, but that comes with side issues like different OS versions (with different supported apps), more setup time and peripheral considerations. Your common-and-garden consumer just wants it to work - only techies like us care about RAM and GHz and all that toss.
  • Stringer B.
    Apple V Android... Who is best? There is only one way to find out..........FIGHT!!! Or we could all admit that we actually don't give a flying fuck and are simply reading this shit as we are bored to fucking tears at work...
  • Dick
    The same could be said of digital music players over the past decade. The ipod family have always been fairly poor technology, yet sell better than others because of the name/experience/usability. Most people don't care what their music sounds like, whereas audiophiles do. Most people want their player to be the latest one from a cool brand on which they can play the odd crap game or take a crap quality photo, rather than a decent one that just playes music (that may even be a few years old, but still better than an ipod for music clarity) from a techy brand.
  • Koworld
    Christ that's bad. I love my Android phone and I reckon the tablet version of the OS is pretty neat, but fuck me, that's not the way to sell it.

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