Introducing: The Belfie Stick

So anyway, signs of the impending apocalypse. Let's have a look down the checklist - Famine, War, Plague, Judgement etc- and let us now update that with the Belfie.


Yep, you'll know the selfie taking stick that allowed you to be a narcissist at long distance, now with the Belfie, you can now take pictures of your arse.

As the website bugles: "With our bendable stick, you can position your back side without the need of a mirror and shoot the exact angle you are looking for. Bend in ways you never thought possible with our patent-pending design!"

Yes, a thought has become an idea and is now a reality and yet nobody thought WTAF at any point during the process.

Anyway, if you know someone who likes to fill their social networks with badly positioned shots of their bottom, get your arse over here. They'll be forever thankful to you for this essential solution.

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