Installed 3.0? Lost 3G? Here's how to restore iPhone settings

Like the day baby Jesus was bestowed upon the Earth by the Lord Almighty, or the day our reptilian overlords first visited our planet and infiltrated government, yesterday was a day of reckoning for humanity. Well, there was a firmware update for the iPhone, and given the metric fuckton of people who went batshit crazy last night trying to download it, you'd think the Second Coming had occurred. Or the lizard people.

3.0 for the iPhone is here, but after downloading the 230MB update you might have found you've lost 3G connectivity. If that's the case, here's how you get it back:

From the main screen of your iPhone tap Settings > General > Network

Under Cellular Data Network:

  • For Pay & Go customers, tap APN and change to
  • For Pay Monthly customers, tap APN and change and enter

No need to change your username and password, so leave them alone. Because the 3.0 firmware also supports MMS, you need to scroll down to MMS and change the settings to those above. One final thing - to activate the MMS service, text MMS to 1010 and O2 will get on the case. If you need taking by the hand and walking through all that, O2 have an interactive guide to show you the changes. Boom!


  • Tom P.
    Or, just sell your old iPhone to CEX (or bin it) & buy the NEW 3G S model out tomorrow YAY HAPPY DAYS
  • MrRobin
    Thanks for the tips. Didn't have the 3G problems myself, or any downloading issues last night from Apple, surprisingly. I like the new search feature; it's damn fast. It's a shame it doesn't search text messages though. I have on multiple occassions spent ages scrolling back through messages from the missus to find something she said to prove her wrong.
  • SimbaK2K
    After all the moaning you did about tethering and how much its ripping you off as you can't afford the few pounds a month I'm surprised you haven't covered how to get free iphone tethering yet.
  • Pure-Klenz
    MrRobin just hit the biatch with the phone instead... Bitterwallet comes good again with hit hot potatoe of a tip
  • Chocodave
    This may be well off the mark... but I believe that if you HAVE an iphone tariff, the settings of should be left alone. These settings only need changing if you have a PAYG, or non iphone tariff. Lemme know if I'm wrong though please!
  • Martin B.
    Also make sure you have a 3G sim card
  • Martin
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  • iPhone
    You’ve got a really nice site here, I’ve been having a good read! Thanks for all the info, its been a great help.

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