Instagram to get slightly fancier

instagram Instagram have rolled out their latest version so you can make your ordinary pictures covered in slightly more... or slightly less... filter trickery.

What we're saying here, is that they've given users more control over the ways in which you can edit your photographs of your godforsaken lunch or cat.

In an official blog post, Instagram says: "We’re delighted to bring you a set of new creative tools on Instagram with the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and more."

There will now be a little wrench on-screen and when you tap that, you'll find a wonderful world of things to poke your fingers at. Basically, on the editing screen - displayed in a horizontal grid - you'll be able to slide sliders and stuff, by double tapping the filter icon.

Users who have no idea what vignetting is will now be able to mess around with the tools and see how the edges of photos get darker and the like. Seems Instagram want to give people the same kind of control you'd find on the hugely popular Zoom camera app.

Download the new Instagram at the Apple app store and Google Play store. Just don't try taking photos with any nipples on.

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