Instagram launches Bolt. Eventually.

bolt-logo Instagram has unveiled a new messaging app thing.

Called Bolt, it's a 'one-tap photo-messaging app' which allows users to send photos or videos that disappear once they have been seen by the receiver.

Which is good news if you're a spy or a terrorist or possibly having an affair.

Bolt is manning up to be a competitor for Snapchat, which basically allows people to do the same thing.

This news follows users spotting a Bolt app logo within their Instagram, and thinking "Oh". Although as soon as Instagram got wind of people noticing it, they took it down.

Bolt is only available in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa for iOS and Android devices at the moment as those countries were chosen - according to some Instagram waffler - "for their geographical diversity, but also for their tight-knit communities".

Fear not! There are plans to conquer the rest of the planet soon.

That is unless New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa go "nah, yer alright" and Instagram quietly drop the whole idea.

Yes, because that is what will happen.

HOWEVER, there is another similar app also called Bolt, which is a free replacement for Android’s default phone app. So it will be interesting if the Facebook-owned Instagram Bolt will change its name, or the other one - not owned by Facebook - will wither away sadly.

Sounds like a fight is a-brewing.

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  • Dingle
    Never saw the point of these apps given that you can take screenshots or, failing that, photos of the screen with a mate's phone, if something particularly juicy is sent to you.

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