Inside Apple HQ - there's an app for almost everything

iPhone apps - how do the world's greatest developers come up with the apps that have wasted our time, money and precious lifeforce revolutionised our lives? Here's how Apple staff decide what apps they should offer on their devices. Or it might be another fratboy video in the style of The Office. Quite well done, though:


  • stewart
    I always like to piss on my iphone :) Funny vid.
  • pauski
    Always manage to cum on mine...
  • Adebisi
    this was about as funny as 'the persuasionists'
  • s_mommie
    Thanks, nice Saturday morning lol - I'll still with my old skool Nokia candybar!
  • s_mommie
    thanks for the heads up - you looked at my spam! I got that email and they say ' At BT, we always try to make sure that our customers get value for money. So while we update you on a few changes to your current calling plan, we'd also like to point out some of the really useful features that come with your BT landline' Yeah really useful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it goes on about a call set up fee increases from 9.3 - 9.9p a call and From 1st April 2010, the cost of UK landline calls made during the daytime will increase from 5.4 pence per minute to 5.9 pence per minute. Sneakie announcement.

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