Increíble! Word Lens es el testículos perros!

This. Is. Incredible. Everyone is talking about the greatest iPhone app since the last one. Actually, that's not fair - if this has anything near the capability shown in the promotional video, it'll be amazing.

It's called Word Lens, and can translate printed words from one language to another with the iPhone's video camera (3GS and iPhone4), in real time. It doesn't claim to be perfect or work with handwriting or heavily stylised fonts, but even a rough translation could make it one of the most valuable iPhone apps to be created, and a must for travellers.


  • PokeHerPete
  • iphone u.
    hmmmm just did it to Pokeherpete and it changed it to "FUCKING CUNT"
  • PokeHerPete
    @iphone user - I think thats you mate LOL
  • Wayne K.
    Perfect guise to take pictures of hot women. "I was translating that sign behind you", "nursing home visiting hours? ".

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