Incoming bloatware for the Samsung Galaxy Tab? Already?

Bitterwallet - Samsung Galaxy Tab bloatwareThe Samsung Galaxy Tab started off as a promising rival to the iPad, and indeed it could still carve a very modest notch in the blossoming tablet PC market - especially since Apple have confirmed they won't be launching a 7" tablet.

But then the pricing was announced - a rather hefty £529.99 without contract - and the wind was taken out of Samsung's sales. There's also the fact that Google had suggested manufacturers stay away from the current Android operating systems, which are intended for mobile handsets rather than tablets.

Now there's another worrying development - bloatware. From December, the Galaxy Tab will be pre-loaded with a VisitBritain tourism app, a travel guide to the British Isles featuring images, video and GPS-linked data for visitors to the 2012 Olympic Games. Samsung, which is one of the sponsors of London 2012, expects that The Best of Britain app will be pre-loaded onto 25 million devices.

The worry is that this opens the door wide open for Samsung to continue monetising the devices of customers for future commercial deals; after paying £500 for a Galaxy Tab, Samsung will still pre-load third party apps onto it where they see fit. You'd hope customers will be able to delete the apps without any issues - Vodafone customers aren't so lucky when it comes to bloatware - but this is more about Samsung perceiving their customer's hardware as an asset they can still sell on to their advertisers.

For many, apps are badges worn by the consumer, showing off their interests or loyalty to a brand. There's no doubt Apple could bundle apps for global companies into their OS updates, but they'd never dream of it. Regardless of the cause, pre-loading third party apps is bloatware - will this be the start of Samsung selling off the real estate of their customer's devices?


  • ryanizzle
    heres an idea. remove the bloatware like on the orange san francisco.
  • -]
    Vodafone customers CAN remove the bloatware, but they shouldn't have to. Obviously people will debrand the SGS tab, ryan, but this is very different to the ZTE Blade/Orange SF - that is branding applied by the operator rather than the manufacturer. In this instance the manufacturer is doing it directly. It's like they still own the device even after selling it on.
  • klingelton
    People have a choice. They have a choice not to buy. Vote with your wallets and say no to shenanigans thusly.
  • BK
    I'm sure you can delete the app thru the system settings... is it that hard? my galaxy s has many samsung crapps which can v easily be deleted
  • Mr G.
    My HTC came with Cackuweather bloatware. It can't tell me what the weather is now, never mind what it might be in the near future. Christ, it was telling me it was night time at 11:30 am! WTF, and I can't delete it.
  • -]
    BK - it isn't as simple as just deleting in the system settings in most cases. Once you root the device you can start to remove the junk - but not as it is supplied, in the case of many smartphones.
  • Me
    Quote "Samsung, , expects that The Best of Britain app will be pre-loaded onto 25 million devices. Ha ha as if. They won't sell that many for this pile of shit. I hate iAnything but this is nowhere near to competing with them lot and when better devices come out this will fall flat on its arse and good riddance.

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