In a movie? Stuck or in trouble? Your mobile phone will not help you

Never mind all the fuss about which mobile phone provider has the best 3G coverage or which one you can weasel your way out of your contract with easiest – there’s only one thing we can all agree on when it comes to mobiles.

If you suddenly find that you’re a character in a crappy Hollywood movie, you’d better hope you don’t end up in any kind of trouble, because it’s an odds-on certainty that your mobile will pack up just when you need it.

That universal truth has been highlighted in this montage from various crappy Hollywood movies where the characters discover that their phones won’t work properly just when they need them the most. There are a few other mobile mishaps in there as well, proving that we might as well give up on the mobile and go back to using smoke signals or Lassie to help us out whenever we’re in the shit.

[Boing Boing]


  • andrewR
    this is interesting ... but nowhere near as good as all the weird places you can get a signal when you are in a movie .... tops of mmountains ... middle of deserts inside lead lined buildings ( ok i made that ome up ) but you know what i mean .... and why can't i think of any examples, huh
  • Charles K.
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