iMovies will be integral to new iPhone. Fact, probably.

The iPhone, then. It's looking increasingly likely that new handsets will be unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in the second week of June. Hurrah! But what the fiddling hell will they be, exactly? We've heard dozens of rumours, the majority  of which now reckon there'll be two phones launched - a stripped down offering and a souped-up handset with tons of new gizmos.

Business Week has spoken to a source that is "familiar with Apple's plans" about the new iPhone's ability to not only record video, but to edit and share it. A comparison has been made to the one-touch recording ability of the Flip, but with the addition of an iMovie app to provide a mobile editing suite. Actually, this is all a little more than rumour, since a video interface has been found in the new 3.0 firmware that will be released to consumers in June.

If that's not enough to moisten the panties of an Apple fanboy, then there are the rumours of an Apple tablet that still refuse to die in a corner. Such a wunderdevice has been suspected for eons, and the situation isn't helped when the likes of Yanko Design release concept designs for a MacBook Touch that look so lovely you'd want to sex them:

[Business Week]


  • acecatcher3
    i dont think ive ever mentioned it b4 so im gonna just put it out there....i love my iphone.
  • MinstrelMan
    and I thought you just loved men
  • Tommy
    Don't care if it's not real... I want a Macbook Touch NOW!!!
  • The B.
    Ace, do you mean in a biblical sense?
  • ha
  • It’s B.
    [...] to ask when the new phones would become available - expected by pretty much everyone in the world to be announced next month - and was told in no uncertain terms it wasn’t going to happen: A guy from the sales [...]

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