If you have been affected by 4G, phone 0333 31 31 800

Continuing 4G’s tendency to get on everyone tits even before it launches, there is now a helpline so you can complain if a 4G signal interferes with your Freeview watching.

4G uses 800MHz frequency, which is also the frequency Freeview uses. And you don’t need to be Professor Megahertz of the Berlin Institute of Nanotechnology to know that’s gonna be a crazy scene!

Ofcom has estimated that 900,000 Freeview users will be affected by possible interference, so the UK’s mobile operators have pooled together £180 million to sort it out.

The helpline is called at800, and will doubtless feature depressed twentysomethings droning about turning it off and turning it on again. If you are badly affected, an engineer will come round with a filter, which will block the 4G signal through your aerial.

So when 4G finally launches in the summer, and you’re watching Embarrassing Bodies on C4+1, and some guy nearby orders a Dominos using his Dominos app, and you miss the bit where they lance someone’s boil, then you’ll have some people to scream at.
Modern life is great, isn’t it?

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