"iBoobs for iPhone not approved" shocker

Apple are such spoilsports sometimes. There you are, a cleverclogs graphic designer with far too much time on your hands, who develops a novelty way for iPhone users to enjoy some mild titillation:

Alas, iBoobs is likely to be nothing but a YouTube demonstration for the time being, because Apple has denied it access to the iPhone Apps Store. But frankly, did you expect anything else?



  • phil m.
  • Ian D.
    combination of Complete tits and iphone owners shocker ; surely no suprise to most people ?
  • lol
    As close to the real thing iphone users will encounter.
  • well w.
    so you can use this app with one hand........ and make tea with the other. if you have any other ideas what u could do with your other hand please post and let me know, cause i can't think of anything.
  • N P.
    hold kleenex?
  • apron s.
    Pour a hand shandy? Play a round of five knuckle shuffle? Have a bash at hand to gland combat? Failing that ... use the iPhone to dial up a date with Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters!
  • Bob
    Isn't jealousy a terrible thing? The iPhone isn't perfect but it's darn site better than any other "smart phone" on the market, chavs will always be envious of that which is beyond their means (both mentally and fiscally).
  • well w.
    who's a chav . if you mean me I've got one and it's the coolest but most necessary gadget I've ever had.sometimes I loose it and start to sulk till i find it again. I'm sure there was a home-brew app where she wasn't even wearing a bra.

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