Huge shock as report finds that phone shops are selling stolen mobiles!

mobile phone You'll never believe this. The BBC has done a report, where they've filmed a number of phone shops, and found that some of them are dealing with mobiles that are stolen!!!

This will be incredibly shocking for anyone who has been walking around the world with their eyes closed and their ears covered for the last decade.

The BBC 'received information' that eight stores in London were trading in the black market. Instead of getting the info and saying "well, obviously", they went to the trouble of customising eight handsets so it looked like they'd be snatched by ne'er-do-wells.

Then, instead of someone saying "well, durrr", the BBC sent a researcher posing as a thief to sell the phones, capturing the deed on camera. In what continued to be a total surprise for some blithering dunce from the BBC, they found that the vendor was willing to give tips on how to avoid the police finding out about it all, by throwing away the SIM card, turning off the phone, and all that.

The BBC have also been given a demonstration of how a phone's unique IMEI number can be changed and the phone restored, so it can't be found.

Speaking to the BBC, Grant Roughley of Essential Forensics said: "A phone stolen this morning could be back on the streets by this afternoon, packaged up as a second hand legitimate phone."

Next week: BBC uncover shocking truth about some convenience shops selling singular cigarettes to underage teens before they go to school.

PS: Thanks for pointing out our error, readers.


  • jim
    think the word "shops" should be in the title of this report. or else its like yuor mobile phone is actually selling stolen phones. which is a bit odd
  • Disappointed
    "Huge shock as report finds that phones are selling stolen mobiles!" Eh?! Phones are selling themselves?
  • boredatwork
    'Huge shock as report finds that phones are selling stolen mobiles!' Should that be phone shops that are selling stolen mobiles?
  • wnaking m.
    ‘Huge shock as report finds that phones are selling stolen mobiles!’ Erk...phones selling themselves
  • Good b.
    I was attacked by a gang in London and had my phone stolen, I'm happy to see the media highlighting dodgy shops trading in stolen phones. Hopefully it'll mean the police make more of an effort to shut down such shops. Stolen phones are normally blocked in the UK via the IMEI number. It is illegal to change the IMEI in the UK but criminals are going to do it if it's easy to do as it means the phone will no longer be blocked and can be resold in the UK. The BBC should be hassling phone manufacturers as to why it's so easy to change the IMEI - it should be hardcoded into the phone rather than being updatable via software.
  • gruff c.
    Genuine comment on Bitterwallet horror.

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