HTC to make software for all

500px-android-logosvg HTC are going to start making new software for competitors. Of course, if you have a phone made by HTC, you'll already be familiar with Android custom skins and apps that come with the devices.

The difference here is that they'll now be offering them to anyone who wants them.

This could be trouble for HTC however, because Google have been known to get really pissy when people don't play by their rules. Anyone who has used Amazon's Kindle will know that you can't get on the Google Play store and loads of apps are missing because Google didn't like Amazon skin of Android.

If Google get the hump with this, they might do the same to HTC.

According to reports, HTC has a team called HTC Creative Labs, who will be working to make apps for other phones. Their first task will be to create a version of Zoe, the HTC app that enables you to compile 16 pictures or videos into a small highlight video, and offer it up to everyone.

That will arrive as soon as the next 7 days, but only for phones with Android 4.4. You can expect Blinkfeed to follow suit.

We'll have to wait and see what mood Google is in to see if they'll start getting antsy about it all, but you get the impression Google is too busy picking fights with Amazon and Apple to give a proper monkeys.

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  • Fiyero
    Isn't the reason you can't get the Play Store so that Amazon get the money from their own store?

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