How to upgrade your iPad and iPhone to iOS5 - proceed with caution

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UPDATE - avid Bitterwallet reader Mark says: "Be careful with this. I installed it last night (legally – I have a dev license) and this morning I can’t get onto the App Store. It’s beta software."

On Monday, Apple unveiled iOS5, the new operating system for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. It has lots of fancy bells and whistles, plenty of features that critics believe should have been available from the start and more than a few that mimic those offered by competitors and app developers.

iOS5 won't be available for some time, however. Developers can get their hands on it so they can start building and testing apps in preparation for its rollout, but if you're an ordinary punter then you'll have to wait.

Except you may not have to, because an Apple fanboi has already figured out how to get it onto your handset, without any complicated jailbreaking.

The work of Mert Erdir from Turkey has already been picked up and verified by the likes of Gizmodo. We've attempted the method below, but twice ran into error messages on iTunes while trying to install the update. It's possible Apple have already nailed shut the back door that Mert was using, or it's possible that your technologically backwards Bitterwallet hacks didn't do it properly.

Regardless, the method for upgrading to iOS5 is below; we'll add the disclaimer that what you do with your iPhone is up to you - don't come crying to us if the result of attempting this is an expensive paperweight:

Download and install iOS 5
1. Download the iOS 5 IPSW file from the web (it's easy and readily available. Just Google it and torrent it down).
2. Update your iPhone using iTunes. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer, click on the Check for Update button with the Option (Mac) or Shift (PC) key pressed. Select the iOS 5 IPSW file from the place you downloaded it to.
3. Wait until it upgrades. A new activation screen will appear.

Activate iOS 5
1. Triple click the home button. This will activate the Voice Over.
2. Triple click the home button and Emergency Call will appear.
3. Click on Emergency Call and, while it's switching, swipe with your three fingers down.
4. The Notification Center will appear!
5. Click on the Weather widget. The Weather app will load.
6. Click on the home button to exit to the iPhone's springboard.

via [Gizmodo]


  • Merlin
    Don't you also need the iTunes 10.5 beta installed to upgrade to this?
  • Mark H.
    Be careful with this. I installed it last night (legally - I have a dev license) and this morning I can't get onto the App Store. It's beta software.
  • Paul S.
    Thanks Mark - I've updated the story with your comment.
  • phil s.
    Or just get a windows phone with the features already on it. Love my photos sent straight to my skydrive as soon as I take them and wireless syncing.
  • stu
    Phil Or just get dropbox for my iphone which can handle photo backup to the cloud now. the update just adds this to the phones own camera and provides a free service to do it from apple.
  • Mark H.
    Phil, The point of all this is to remove the PC from the equation completely. Once IOS5 is released and is installed on devices in the shops then you no longer need a PC to activate and regularly backup the device. It's a major step forward in that respect.
  • PaulS
    A major step forward how? My last 4 phones in the past 6 years have never needed to be tied to a PC for updates or backups. It is only a major step forward because the iPhone was behind the times. I really do despair with Apple fanboys latching on to something Apple have copied from others and proclaiming it to be the next great thing, no doubt they will be giving Steve Jobs loads of credit for his latest inventions of notifications and messaging.
  • phil s.
    Stu dropbox is a timewaster (yes it's on wp7 too), with skydrive which is free for 25gb you just take your photo with the dedicated camera button (no using another button on a wp7 device) and it's uploaded straight away. Just how I love when you hard reset or move to another phone and all your photos, diary, contacts etc are there from the cloud. And being able to talk to your friends on their Xbox from your phone is great too. Along with zune unlimited music. Only stupid point at the moment is having to dev unlock your phone to have a custom ringtone buy that's fixed in mango.
  • Mark H.
    Yes, that's exactly what I meant - it's a major step forward for iOS. Bit touchy aren't we (no pun intended)?
  • thefunboi
    Anybody got a link to the software?
  • Kevin
    Not wishing to crow or be big headed, I did the upgrade it went very smooth indeed. I was very supprised all went well. All I did was start the process off, leave it to get on with it even of the download appears to be doing nothing, just leave it alone be patient let it get on with it and don't interfere with it . This is a serious upgrade all apple users be it phones or pads will be in for some cool things, one thing if you lose recent purchases of music and apps, if you saved them to iTunes you can re download them. You must save them to iTunes in the beginning. Enjoy

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