How to opt out online from new mobile phone directory

Last month we reported on the controversial new mobile phone directory enquiry company, 118800, who have legitimately got their hands on millions of UK mobile numbers and the names of their owners.

Entry in their directory is opt-out and when the news first broke a month ago, 118800 were faced with a tide of outrage from consumers who wanted to do just that. In fact, the bewildered company’s phone lines almost literally melted with the deluge of disgruntled callers.

But it’s simpler now – click here and you can opt out through their website – and it should only take a minute or two. There. Better?

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  • abc
    Or give them your phone number so you become listed immediately.
  • Lutin
    I think i'll wait until they call me first (if they every call me) and then i'll opt out. I am not sure that they actually have any of my details and as abc points out above, I don't want to give them my details by attempting to opt out.
  • Andy D.
    Opting out involves inputting your mobile number and a code that is texted to you. They can't add you to their database as you're not giving them your name.
  • abc
    So they surely cant get your name from your number? Oh lets say a silent partner like a Vodafone database. How do those other douche bags that phone you when your contracts nearing an end know who you are and when your phone contracts up?
  • Nookster
    Looks like someone shat themselves "Apologies. Our website is currently unavailable as we carry out essential maintenance. However it will be available again tomorrow and you will be able to use any security code you have received to complete your ex-directory request. Please do not call 118000 for ex directory requests as you will be asked to visit our website tomorrow. . Thanks for your patience"
  • Chocodave
    To be fair... most people have their home phone number in a phone directory anyway, so a mobile number in a directory is hardly a massive leap into a security and privacy breach. What happened to just ignoring "unknown caller" or hanging up on cold callers?
  • summertime
    it's still down today
  • Duke
    I don't see what people's problem is with this service. You call them up and ask for someones name and then THEY make the call and ask if they can put someone through. You can always so no, or ignore the call!
  • victim
    For all you people that do not see a problem well hope this helps you see why, i have been a victim of harrassment by a stalker for the past year, i have had death threats, burnt cars etc, i have had to be moved, phone numbers changed etc and have had to put extra security on my accounts to protect my family and friends, i have to block my numbers to my friends for security reasons, so to publish the mobile numbers would mean the nightmare could begin all over again for many people like me.
  • Virgilio A.
    I don't want my mobile number given out, as people are always trying to find out who I am! Virgilio Anderson
  • 118 B.
    [...] It looks as though the waters have got a bit choppy for 118 800, the controversial mobile phone directory service. At the time of writing, they have suspended their service, possibly due to the deluge of mobile phone users who have been desperately scrambling to opt out of being listed on the 118 800 database. [...]
  • Neil W.
    Neil from 118800 here. Just to clear up a number of issues. We don’t give out mobile numbers. 118800 is a service for connecting people that know each other’s name and address. In the majority of cases it will be a friend or colleague who has lost your number, doesn’t have it on them or has lost their mobile phone and needs to get in touch. If you are contacted it will be by 118800 calling to announce the name of that person, or sending a text message with the name and number of the person trying to get in touch. It will then be up to you whether you want to speak to them or not. The website is currently unavailable while we improve the service we offer our customers. All ex-directory requests made prior to the 10th of July are being processed and we will be taking ex-directory requests again once the website is back up and running, which will be as soon as possible. You will be able to do this free of charge from the website or by calling us on a low charge number from the phone you wish to make ex-directory. We recommend you check whether you are in the directory first before taking the time to become ex-directory. 118800 connect people that know each other, we don’t give out numbers to anyone. For more information please visit our website on
  • Thad O.
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  • Elmo B.
    Do you know of any forums about this stuff?
  • Cellphone p.
    Darn it I just typed a whole long message, and when I tried to send it my FireFox hung. Did you get it or do I need to retype the whole thing?

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