How to get 4 megapixel iPhone photos

ms2005 on HUKD posted about a new app available through Cydia (must have a jailbroken iPhone) that claims to create 4mp iPhone pics.

The app works by taking 6 photos in rapid succession and then knitting them together to make a higher resolution pic. Once you've snapped the pic, the app puts the six photos into a queue. In the queue you hit the "align" button which automatically lines up the photos and then you hit the "enhance" button which automatically enhances them. Once you've done this you can save the enhanced photo to your normal camera roll.

We tried out the app here and although it works as claimed the photo quality of the final enhanced photo was not greatly different from the equivalent photo taken with the normal iPhone camera app. There was a small difference on the readability of small text so if you are taking shots of magazine article/newspaper clips this may help (especially if you do so on a train). JamesMQ and iainmann also backed this up in @bitterwallet tweets with comments about instability and only small increases in legibility.

The app is free to use unless you want additional features (a quick shot feature that takes 6 pics in 2.5 seconds and then automatically choses the best one and the ability to have more than one pic in the editing queue).


  • Chris H.
    "if you are taking shots of magazine article/newspaper clips this may help (especially if you do so on a train)." handy...
  • Anonymous C.
    HTC Windows Mobile phones have had this feature for years. Yawn, the iPhone behind yet again.
  • Paul N.
    Which feature would that be? An app to hack a 4mp pic isn't a feature....
  • jrpowers
    We created QuickShot to leverage some of the image analysis technology in ClearCam, but in a way that doesn't sacrifice any more time than the default Camera app. In average lighting conditions and a handheld iphone, we found that a little over half of photos are fairly clear, but the other half are slightly smeared due to a slow sensor. QuickShot is intended to always pick one of the good ones. And I promise, it works very well. And a slight correction is that quickshot takes 4 photos in just shy of 2 seconds under normal lighting. You're correct that enhancement isn't always dramatic, but it does work. We made it work for "human still" but if you are able to prop your camera up, you may be more impressed with the results. We'll address the stability concerns in a future update, and we'll expand the noise reduction capability. Thanks for the review.

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