How to... free up space on your iPhone

15 December 2015

how to expertThese days, everyone seems to be a techie, and when you ask them for help with something, they'd rather scoff at you than help. So, to those who find this advice searingly obvious, you pat yourself on the back and go back to your smirk.

For the rest of you, who didn't learn all that stuff - here's a thing that might help you: if your iPhone is getting too full and it is causing you bother, here's some great ways of freeing up space on it, so you can stop swearing at your handset.

These are all super easy to do, so don't worry!

Lose Pointless Apps

We've all got apps on our phones that we never use. Do you really need Facebook's 'Pages' app? Their apps are pretty large, and could be eating up your storage space. Likewise, do you have a bunch of games that you used to play, but haven't touched them in yonks? Well, get rid of them! Uninstall them! Delete iPhone apps by tapping and holding an app's icon, and it'll 'wiggle'. Hit the 'X' that pops up, and woosh, you're done.

Cloud Storage

Are you storing a load of stuff in the cloud that you're not bothered about? Well, go to Settings, then General, then Storage and iCloud usage. Under Manage Storage, you'll be able to see everything that's hogging up your phone. There, you'll probably find out that iPlayer is taking up a lot of space (don't need it? Bin it) and photographs. Go through your Photo Library and delete all the ones you don't need anymore.

You might have a load of music on there that you don't listen to anymore, or remember, if you have Apple Music, you can stream everything from there with WiFi or 4G. That way, you won't have a load of tracks weighing your phone down.

Clear Your RAM

You can also clear your phone's RAM to make everything quicker. While your phone is unlocked, hold down on the top power button until the 'slide to power off' slider appears, and then hold down the bottom home button for five seconds. If you've done it correctly, your home screen will reappear, and your phone's RAM will be cleaned out!

Careful Of Newsstand Apps

If you have a load of digital subscriptions with Apple, some mags don't auto-delete old issues. If you get the Metro delivered to your phone, they save everything, forever. That is GB's worth of stuff that you don't need! Easy way to lose all those is, don't delete individual papers, but rather, delete the app.

Auto-Delete Old Messages

Old messages can really clog up your phone, so you can set up your messages to auto-delete in iOS 8. Go to Settings, then Messages, and then hit Keep Messages. You can toggle the settings there, for 30 days, or a year. Toggle the settings for Audio and Video messages too. Get those to expire after a couple of minutes.

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