How To... fix your Samsung Galaxy S6 if it won't charge

If you've been using your Samsung Galaxy S6, but found that you're having trouble charging it, or turning it on, don't worry! We've got a fix for you.

Check Your Charger & Socket

This is an obvious one, but make sure your charger is working. If you haven't got a spare charger from an old Android phone, then someone else will have one. They're universal, so anyone with an Android phone can let you use theirs to check.

Make sure you use an official one if you're buying a new one. There's a load of dodgy cheap ones on the market which can wreck your phone, or just not work so you're wasting your money.

Also, try different sockets in your house. If you always leave your charger plugged into the same socket next to your bed or whatever, try it somewhere else to see if the socket is the problem. Also, take the USB lead from the charger and try charging your phone through a computer or whatever.

Check The Charging Port

Have you got a bit of biscuit stuck in the slot on your phone, so your charger isn't connecting properly? Has some lint from your pocket or bag got in there? Have a look and try and get it out with some tweezers or a pin. Be gentle though. You can also buy compressed air in cans, and blow all the nonsense out of there or buy a mini hoover vacuum and suck it out (great for the gunk out of keyboards).

Fix The Port Yourself

Just through use, sometimes the port can need a little repair as the metallic surfaces inside the USB port and the microUSB charger aren't contacting properly. You can have a go at fixing that pretty easily.

First, turn your phone off and remove the battery. Then, get something small and sturdy (a toothpick should do it) and get a little leverage on the little tab inside the USB port. Be very careful and gentle, and then pop your battery back in, and see if it starts charging when you plug it in. Most of the time, this should solve the problem.

Software Problems

Sometimes, a software update can be the cause of the bother. If that's the case, you can restore your phone to a previous version of Android when everything worked. This isn't an ideal fix, as manufacturers are keen for you to have the latest versions, as they're more secure. That said, the difference is usually negligible.

Contact Your Provider

Here's the most obvious one - get in touch with the people you got your phone from and tell them it doesn't work properly. They should be able to provide you with a solution. If you're not confident tinkering around with your phone, then this is your best bet. Again, it isn't exactly ideal, but this is the safest option.

Failing All That!

Check out iFixit, they're a great treasure trove for repair guides and they even sell spare parts.


  • Nads
    Useful as always... "First, turn your phone off and remove the battery" How do you suggest we do this then? You can't remove the battery on the S6
    • Ronn

      You can open your phone, there's videos all over youtube.

  • NotWhoYouThinkIAm
    If Samsung honoured their warranties, people would never need to carry out DIY repairs on their phones. Samsung scam you, their 2 year warranty isnt 2 years for you, it is 2 years from the date of manufacture - so if that phone has been sitting in a warehouse for 6-12 months - tough. BTW this breaks UK consumer laws, so why are they being allowed to get away with it??
  • Sam D.
    Why would anybody with a minimum of half a brain consider a fault with a premium-priced item as being acceptable? Probably best ask an isheep owner.
  • Michael G.
    Samsung 2yr warrantie is a great service had my s4 for 18 months developed a fault rang Samsung came and collected my phone fixed at no cost to me got it back in 7 days fantastic only gripe with Samsung no is the new phones are not expandable in memory which is 1 reason I never had apple so may not be getting another Samsung. ..very disappointed
  • Keith t.
    Michael, get with the times...the S7 has expandable memory, it was only the S6 Edge range that didn't.

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