How to cancel your Vodafone contract - details and templates

cancel your Vodafone

We're going to go on record and say that Vodafone's current treatment of customers is inconsistent, unfair, insulting and offensive. They've also breached Ofcom's General Conditions, which is about the worst thing it's possible for a mobile service provider to do -- just ask T-mobile. Vodafone staff keep contradicting one another and their own policies, they're breaking more rules than we can count and they've now taking to trying to confuse the facts concerning data usage.

If you're a Vodafone customer, then you need to read this; if you're not, forward it to everyone who is.

This post will:

  • quickly recap the issues
  • highlight the levels of douchebaggery going on
  • tell you what you can do about it, including a template for cancelling your contract

A quick recap

In 2010, Vodafone let slip they were ending the 500MB soft cap on data usage for customers; in the past, customers have been free to occasionally stray over the limit without paying additional charges, a point that have been clarified in writing by Vodafone's own staff on several occasions.

From 1 June, 2010, however, Vodafone introduced "Out of Bundle" charges; customers will be charged for any and all data usage above 500MB - £5 for an additional 500MB or more, depending on the contract - thereby ending any notion of a Fair Use Policy.

This has significant consequences for all customers, especially over time as customers buy more apps and their average data usage rises.

What's new?

Vodafone posted a press release concerning the changes; we don't think we've read a statement so full of horse-shit in quite some time:

Vodafone UK to give customers total control of their mobile data spend
In June we'll be introducing a free text service to tell our contract customers when they're approaching the upper limit of their data bundle. We'll send them a text before they reach the limit and tell them how much it will cost them to use more data. Customers can then make a decision on whether to continue, or limit their use, giving them total control of their spend.
500MB means you can read and reply to 10,000 emails, download 24 Google maps and read 8,000 BBC News stories. Today, a tiny fraction of our customers use their full allowance.

By removing a core benefit from you, Vodafone wants you to think they're doing you a favour. Spintastic. And insulting. As one person eloquently posted on Vodafone's eForums:

It's like evicting someone from their house and calling it 'putting you in control of where you sleep'.

Another key development is Vodafone's acknowledgment that they will have to allow some customers to cancel their contract without penalty (such as paying off the rest of their contract), but not all.

Can you cancel your Vodafone contract?

Short answer: YES. Vodafone offers a 30 day network guarantee, so if you're looking to cancel your contact within the first month, you shouldn't have to pay a termination fee.

If you cancel after the first 30 days, you will have to pay a termination fee. Bear in mind that your handset remains the property of Vodafone until you've paid the first six bills.

A note from us, then - we're not solicitors, in fact we can barely dress ourselves. We're not telling you to terminate your contract - we're happy to offer advice and tools to take your fight further, but ultimately you are responsible for your actions. Please don't take any of this as legal advice or a substitute for legal advice; we assume no duty or liability to you. Got it? Good.

  • you don't need Vodafone's consent to terminate a contract. You can always terminate a contract and stop your direct debit by informing your bank. The issue is whether or not you'll be liable for damages for breach of contract or other charges.
  • the law and not the contract governs, so consumer law beats a contract every time. The supplier's opinion is not determinative and nor is that of the regulators. Only the Courts can say whether a term is fair or not. What does 'Significant Disadvantage' mean? You may have to go to court to find out.
  • ultimately, if you refuse to pay termination charges on the basis they're unfair, will Vodafone be prepared to sue you for a Court Order? If they do –you have a defence. No summary enforcement is allowed where there is a genuine dispute so they cannot collect disputed sums as debts.

What you absolutely need to know about cancelling your Vodafone Contract:

  • If you do nothing you will be treated as accepting the changes and will not be able to change your mind later
  • Once Vodafone get around to informing you of the changes, if you do want to terminate you must do so within 30 days of the notice given to you of the changes
  • You need to pay for any items/use for the last 30 days that isn't included in your advance monthly payment. If you've incurred such charges, call and find out what they are.
  • You can cancel your direct debit and send any final payment for any extra charges for the last 30 days by a cheque marked “in full and final settlement of all obligations." They may try to charge you a Payment Handling Charge for this.
  • If you are still within the minimum term, you might like to take individual legal advice and/or at least find out what Vodafone would claim from you in charges, so you know your potential exposure if the court found the term was fair in your case.


  • Matt
    Cannot open letter, can somebody please please e-mail to mattjones AT ? Many thanks
  • Paul S.
    Matt, it should download straight to your desktop, or download file? Have a check - if not, I'll send it over.
  • Issac M.
    Good story BW, well done. More importantly cheers for adding douchebaggery to my vocab; I was in fact sufficiently compelled to look this up in the urban dictionary, "That fucker used to be my bro until he stinkfingered my girlfriend while she was passed out. That's some seriously fucked up repugnant douchebaggery right there". Quite.
  • Matt
    I get a message saying the file is corrupt and will not open :/
  • Q
    i gotta admit i skim-read the last half of this, but am i right in saying im screwed as a Vodafone customers on an unlimited net usage contract who regularly uses iplayer to watch TV? A 1 hour programme can easily be 100MB, so that means i can only download 5 hours of TV per month, which only covers my journeys to and from work for a week. Pathetic. Back to the dark ages and reading on the train methinks
  • MDawg
    I have an error message too - invalid format. I intend to pursue a cancellation and will go to my local citizens advice bureau for some... well advice. Well worth using that free resource in a situation such as this.
  • DP
    1. URGENT QUESTION: Can they do damage to your credit rating if you stop paying, and tell them why? 2. Don't bother with Citizens' Advice Bureau. They're great for standard problems but are useless for this kind of thing.
  • nomnomnom
    For those with issues I recovered it and saved it into different formats: ODT (Open Office) Word 97-2003 (.doc) Word 2007-2010 (.docx) Plain Text (.txt) Rich Text (.rtf) Hope that is of help to others who had an invalid document originally
  • MDawg
    Well DP must disagree - volunteers in my local Bureau are very knowledgeable and will fight a clients corner till the death. Had some trouble with a mobile contract before and they sorted it for me.
  • Ashley
    The letter is corrupt, could you please upload it again?
  • vibeone
    Haiiiiiiii everybody! I just rung the cool cats at Vodafone about this. I have an iPhone, but its from o2, so I'm on a bog standard £15 a month 12 month contract, 600 mins, unlimited texts, and a £5 500mb FUP data bundle. So anyway, I check on my online billing, and I've only ever got up to around 250meg on my phone (i limited youporn usage to my desktop). Anyway, I'd still rather not take the risk, so I rung them and asked them to put me onto the 1gb iphone data package for the same price. The bloke had to check, but came back and - possibly whispering - said "that is done sir". I have a text to confirm that I now have 1gb for the remainder of my contract, for no extra cost. Not brilliant, but not bad either. vb1 - Formerly HUKDs most popular ever user.
  • Mike
    Template letter opens fine for me - try right-clicking and saving the file to your desktop then opening
  • Matt
    Tried, does not work still.
  • Daniel Z.
    Cheers for that guys, it's a very comprehensive article. As mentioned previously could the letter be re uploaded? Dan
  • John
    Am getting the corrupt message as well, trying to open it with Open Office if that makes a difference.
  • vibeone
    The letter works fine for me, so I have downloaded it, and uploaded it to scribd. Go here: Press Download (near the top) and select the format you want (doc is best, so you can edit it). You need word installed though!
  • Dank
    So, silly question perhaps, but do we need to hold fire on sending out our letters (when a SMS arrives alerting us to the changes), or can we pop them in the post already?
  • Matt
    Cheers nomnomnom - works now. Thank You
  • adam
    my problem is im not yet a month into my contract it only started 1st may, so i cant prove that my costs would increase by 10% when the charging is introduced. any thoughts? i could stream alot now on purpose? would be cutting it a bit fine. i am peeved as hell though.
  • JackMagic
    I have uploaded the content of the letter to this site: You can download the contents as a .txt, without the formatting the appears on the pastebin website, and then copy back into a manageable format in Microsoft Word or such. Cheers for this, BW. Jack
  • Jygar
    I sent a letter I wrote yesterday out of sheer disgust from the stated comments on the forum.
  • The B.
    I'm a tad peeved, been with them for a month, it took 10 days for my phone to turn up and then I was in Egypt for a week so used no data, I might try leaving YouTube streaming.
  • Big A.
    Thanks for this BW. Can anyone explain what a Googlemap unit of measure is? I'd class my self as an advanced internet user but other than dividing 500Mb by 24 to give me 1 Googlemap I'm lost. Surely it depends on how long you use and whether you use image maps etc. I regularly check usage when using maps and it's never been the same twice. This time tomorrow I may need a new mobile provider.
  • Murtin M.
    WTF is dis real?
  • Daniel Z.
    Hi All, Just spotted a mistake on the template letter, there's a reference to "Section 11.b" but I think it should read "Section 11.d"...?
  • M4RKM
    Interesting, Interesting. I found out about this when I changed from a Blackberry Contract (with FUP), to iPhone contract, and no one mentioned that there is no FUP, (this was done via e-mail), til I query the APN to use, and got a reply back, saying it's included up to 1gb and then £5 per 500mb. Ignore the text I got saying 50p per day (confusing to say the least, as I didn't get back the information I wanted!) I've replied asking, wha? I thought it was fair use, with no reply. So, even though it's not the 1st of June, I've been told via e-mail that it's now a block of data, and in doing so, have they broken terms and conditions by not actually letting me agree to new terms and conditions (this was done all in April, so 1st May didn't come up Ok.. talking crap now... buhbai! M
  • Paul S.
    Hi Daniel, I think there are a couple of versions of the Vodafone contracts that I've linked to in the past few days; the wording is the same in each as far as cancellations go. I'll take a look in the morning and amend. Cheers for pointing it out.
  • anonymous
    iphone customers by default get 1gb, that was 1 requirement from apple for vodafone to sell iphones, other phones is only 500mb. i recommend t-mobile, unlimitted means you dont pay if you got over fair usage, i think fair usage is either 3gb or 5gb, but they do throttle the connection when you reach the fair usage during peak times, still gives you about 15kb or so...
  • Matt
    Hello Everyone, We have seen quite a bit of speculation on the out of bundle charges for Vodafone UK mobile internet users on forums and in the media. We wanted to clarify things. Here are the facts as they stand today: In June we'll be introducing a free text service to tell our contract customers when they're approaching the upper limit of their data bundle. As the vast majority of our mobile internet subscribers (more than 97 percent) never reach the limit they will not be receiving the text alerts at all. The minority of our customers (less then 3 percent) who do come close will receive a text telling them they are approaching their data allowance and advising them to monitor their usage going forward. At this point customers will not be charged anything more. If after receiving several such alerts, over a period of few months, customers continue to use excessive amounts of data they will be contacted by Vodafone and advised to upgrade to another data plan to avoid incurring unnecessary additional charges. Customers will be able to make an informed decision on whether to continue, limit their use or change to a different price plan, giving them total control of their spend. However, if customers continue to use excessive amounts of data over a longer period of time, the costs are as follows: Current charge Out of bundle charge No handheld data bundle 50p a day for 25MB 50p for an additional 10MB Handheld data bundle £5 a month, or £7.50 with a flexi-bundle £5 for an additional 500MB Note: 500MB means you can read and reply to thousands of emails, download 24 Google maps and read 8,000 BBC News stories. Today, a tiny fraction of our customers use their full allowance. Thanks, Tom eForum Team
  • Matt
    Sorry, the above is a quote from VF Mod on the eForum
  • Paul S.
    Thanks Matt, I'll delve into that in a bit. That statement doesn't help at all - it appears to be an attempt at backtracking on the whole affair, without providing any specifics as to what Vodafone are/are not changing. I read from that that there will be no change to the current Fair Use Policy, and that the 500MB will remain a soft cap, but that they'll police it more closely - that pretty much contradicts everything that has been said to date. It's still too vague for the customer, and far to vague for consumer law - I'm quite certain Vodafone need to give specifics concerning contracts if they expect consumers to adhere to them. And how nice of them to chalk up our analysis of their behavior as 'speculation' - there's was nothing speculative about it. More patronising from Vodafone.
  • Daniel Z.
    Hi Paul, I ignore my section 11.b / 11.d comment... I must of been looking at the old terms and conditions... Cheers
  • Dank
    So, if only a small number of users go over 500MB (as they suggest), then why bother changing things at all? Money you say? Oh...
  • Paul S.
    And the fact that data usage is increasing so rapidly as users become more savvy about apps, that it'll be way higher than 3% in a matter of months.
  • N20Y1D
    This 3% figure they are quoting, i'd love to see the workings behind it, my bet is that it is all customers across the board regardless of whether they even have the unlimited internet package. In 2008 when the ASA looked into the 'unlimited' Vodafone claimed it was a tiny percentage then as well... yet here we are 3 years later and its still a 500mb limit whilst other networks have been raising the limits on there FUP's.
  • Ashley
    If I'm just paying by direct debit each month and never pay excess charges, which of the options at the end do I select? I'm not too savvy with all of this. Cheers guys
  • Are B.
    [...] days of failing to address the concerns of their customers over their mandatory data charges and scrapping their Fair Usage Policy, Vodafone have contradicted themselves yet again, with a message that seemingly goes back on [...]
  • ThunderBolt
    I've gone right off VodaPony... I've had countless problems - not with the use, signals are OK - but the CS is absolutely plop. I was overcharged for months and unable to access bills online. CS were useless at sorting this. In fact it was the forums on Voda site where I found the way in. Once in I rang CS to state my woes on billing and was told in so many words... Tough titty! Voda forums sorted it again eventually. It seems to me that emails and phone calls get you nowhere. Put your gripes on full public view though and they bend over backwards to show what fine fine folk they are. Bum bags, the lot of em! And now this... Next stop... PAC code again please!
  • ryan
    ive not received a text yet. will i? i have a blackberry 8900 and was sold it on a 24month deal with 300 mins ulimited texts and internet. i doubt i go over 500mb so i cant cancel?
  • martin
    I have posted the letter so will let you all know what they reply with
  • Simon
    Hi I just called to talk through these details with Voda CS, and I was talked to as if I was stupid and didnt know what I was talking about (my wife works for a competitor network and she listened to the whole conversation to ensure I was giving correct info). They told me that they didnt know what I was talking about and nothing had changed. They then said that they would transfer me to another department to discuss further. They ended up trasfering me to a department that closed at 7 (I called at 8pm) and then hung up. Regardless of whether the data charges have changed (and affect me) the attitude and the way I was treated was disgusting! Definite confirmation that I shall be leaving once I get the chance!!
  • Steven B.
    I emailed them with the majority of the contents of the letter and got a reply saying "As per the fair usage policy you get a monthly usage limit of 500 MB per month for Mobile Internet. If you exceed your inclusive allowance you'll be charged for the over and above usage. Hence, if you would like to cancel your contract before it completes there'll be an early cancellation fee to be paid. This fee is the line rental until the end of your commitment period which is 21st December 2011. The amount depends on how early you end the contract. As of today the early cancellation fee on your account is £493.43." How can a fair use policy on unlimited internet be limited to 500MB and charged for going over? That is what they are proposing to change to but she said it was what was the case now so she's wrong isn't she?
  • Antony
    IMPORTENT! Users trying to open this file in openoffice 3.0+ change the file extension to- .Docx will work fine after that, sorry if people already know this just for those few struggling :] thanks.
  • Kenny
    Hmm... Vodafone's latest internet charges statment (11-5-2010 has stated that A) They are implementing a new text notification system to complement the ineternet usage system (seems like a software upgrade) B) You will not be charged unless you go over consistantly within a non-set timeframe (seems the same as the old FUP) C) There is nowhere in it that says they will charge you for going over by 1 mb, just if you go over consistantly (same as the old FUP) Am I missing something? o.O? One last thing though guys. While you're writing to cancel, why not just write straight to Watchdog about it at the same time and make the matter completely public. Get them to investigate the entire sector. If enough people do it, then they'll pretty much be inclined to investigate the matter of the limited, unlimited, internet matter.
  • James
    I hope this causes a tidal wave of cancellations. If not for the change in terms, for the way they try and play to their own rules and change them when it suits. Nice work BW, keep it up!
  • Laura
    Im not too good at asserting myself with Vodafone, last time I spoke to their CS I was nearly in tears with how rude they were. Anyway I have an early model Blackberry Storm which has had no end of software problems from day one. Im on a 600 minutes, unlimited text unlimited internet contract which was a 24 month-er taken out in feb last year. Because my handset has caused me nothing but grief I have tried again and again to get them to change it or allow me to cancel my contract foc, only to have CS be rude and obnoxious to me repeatedly. Does all this mean that purely because they sold me a contract with "unlimited internet" and they now cant to impose a charge if I use a certain amount (which I never have because my handset will crash if I try and download anything of a decent size) I can cancel my contract finally??? I sort of could use a response in words of one syllable cos if I can I might have to open a bottle of wine!!! Cheers L
  • Rich F.
    Just got off the phone to VF customer services as I'm stuck in a contract until December at £30 with 250 mins, 250 texts and 500MB internet. I used 400MB of data last month, but was out of the country for 2 weeks, so I explained my situation and that I felt I was being completely ripped off by them, especially as iPhone users get a full 1GB for the same price. He immediately offered to upgrade my package to 1GB for no extra price - no argument - so give it a go. Feeling a little more confident, I decided to argue the case for my high tariff, to which I was locked-in, and he allowed me (after a little banter) to switch to a £25/month tariff, downgrading my minutes to 100 (I only use 50 mins average anyway), but upgrading texts to unlimited (which I often went over). Result! Okay, I'm still stuck in a long-term contract, but I won't make that mistake again! BTW T-mobile offer 100 min, 100 texts and 3GB internet (on android phones) for £10 /month 30-day contract! (Sim only 10 package, with Unlimited internet booster - FUP applies!) I will be calling them in December...
  • Chris H.
    Is this still possible, i spoke to Vodafone and they said that, 'yes i can cancel if it changes the price of your actual bill charged by us. As in the fixed rate, if you go over and we charge you for that then that does not count as the 10%'. They also stated that they have just changed the contract again on the 1st October, and i have not received any information about this, so is this another breach of contract? Anybody help and advise me on what to do? Thanks Chris
  • At B.
    [...] How to cancel your Vodafone contract – details and templates They proved to be this year’s mustache-swirling villains, when you declared Vodafone the [...]
  • Rae
    I'm visiting the shop tomorrow, if i can find a town where one still open! Theyve been overcharging me for 4 months now for my broadband dongle. Contract is 25 a month, been charged 40 a month instead now. So to proove it, i bought a prepay dongle with Three mobile 6 weeks ago. My vodafone dongle 'has not even been plugged in' Todays bill?? 70 quid!!!! Proof!!! 70 quid for not even using it now and i'm allowed 3Gb. So, when i'm in the shop tomorrow, i'm going to video my visit showing me cutting the sim card in half and the date i did it. If they dare steal my money again i have proof they are blatantly breaking the contract. The direct debit is supposed to come out on or after the 10th, yet for the last 4 months theyve taken it a week early. I dont want to just cancel the direct debit as i dont want to be passed onto debt collectors. The direct debit guarantee says if vodamoan has made an error, i can claim a refund back immediately at the bank. Could i do this now? To get back the 45 quid theyve just stole from me? I need that money to buy food!
  • Anna
    Hi. I have 2 yrs contract with Vodafone (currently on hold because of my DD cancellation). I never used my phone too much, rarely 3-4 hours a month (from free 600 minutes). I was charged in December for more than 100 pounds. I was shocked but I paid. I followed the online bill to check it but I struggled to understand where that 100 came from (very confusing- for me anyway). In January I was very careful, talked even less than average and before my free minutes were due to come -I phoned the Vodafone consultant asking, how many minuts I had left. Once i knew exactly how many I had free I was writing single minute down to control it. Nedless to say- I did not use them all. In the middle of Jan I checked the internet bill and...........they had charged me for my free minutes!!! I was furious!I wrote to Vodafone Head Office to complain and added, that I would not pay the January bill, untill it's corrected and cancelled the DD. I haven't had the response yet, but I am kind of worried now. I don't know what I suppose to do. Should I write to them again or just leave it. I don't know if I am going to live in UK, so I am not very much worried now about morgages etc but I would like to avoid court, because at the end of the day- I am left for my own and I don't have a proof that i called the consultant. Has anybody been in similar situation? Thanks for any help.
  • Grace
    In all honestly I have found VodafOne nothing but helpful, yea there may be sone confusion as to fair usage but my friends are with other networks and experiencing the same issues, at least with Vodafone you can expect good, reliable reception more or less wherever you are . . . It seems no matter what network you're with you can pick some kind Of fault. To be honset you all need to get over it, if you use too much data or minutes it's dOwn to personal responsibiliy not VodafOne. They're not there to baby you.
  • Andy
    Ok, so this almost a year on from the apparent changes in the T&Cs, for which I have never been notified. I go to reduce my price plan, as I was informed I could after the 1st year of a 2 year contract, to find out that my price plan does not allow for a reduction. Having found out that what I was initially told was incorrect, I though it best to check the remainder of my price plan. If I log on to my account, 'My products and plans' state (please note 'state' not specify/indicate) "Your Plan for Small Business, 750 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Landlines, Unlimited Internet and Vodafone Passport" (have taken a screen capture of this) I was informed that this is not what I have on my price plan. Apparently I have, 750 mins, 3000 text, 2000 mins landline and 500MB internet (and will be charged for any extra usage). Now admittedly, I appreciate that I don't always approach these limits and as yet have not breached them; however, having been told that I actually cannot reduce my price plan, I am more than a little hacked off that my T&Cs have been changed without notification. Because I did not happen to find out about these changes within 30 days of them being made, purely because I do not make a habit of reading the T&Cs on a monthly basis, does this mean I have accepted them, or do I still have grounds for termination of the contract? If anyone knows the answer, it would be much appreciated.
  • ravikora
    need to get out of a monthly contract with vodafone; found the advice helpful but the template letter doesnt seem to be readble by my (MAC) computer ; how can I get access to this and more advice , best wishes and keep up the good work J freeman
  • Jimmy J.
    Thanks for the information. The Vodefone people are really really not correct people. They will tell any kind of lie to get you ti sign a contract. I know because it has happened to me twice. Very bad dishonest people.
  • Ashar a.
    Well where to start im in a 24 month contact which 12 months have passed i got a iphone 4 and have had i replaced 4 times with a refurbished one i want to get out of my contract coz its hassel for me to keep and restorig my phone or not getting access to my phone due to faulty i got a second line am lost the handset and they are refusing to either cancell that 1 or give me a phone on discounth price i pay 70£ a month to them 1 for a contract i dont use n the other a faulty phone
  • pete l.
    I heartily concur with all said, it is the worst customer service I have ever experienced, and that is saying a great deal. I took the £3 per month deal which I was assured covered 250MB, I was not told that this governed only ONE days use and every subsequent day would be charged at £2 PER DAY. I called to express concern that these charges started appearing on my bill which at that time I thought were a mistake, I WAS ASSURED that these charges were a mistake on vodafone's side and I WOULD NOT have to pay them, so with that confirmation I continued to use this item racking up my £2 per day unknowingly for mere KB's of usage, Last month I used 67MB of my AGREED 250MB for the month and received a £40 bill!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am currently in discussions with vodafone who i'm sorry have been less than understanding and quite frankly not very good at their jobs. My advice as an intelligent consumer, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They have no idea how to treat people..
  • Dave
    I totally agree with this last comment, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! The customer service is appalling, they don't know what they're doing. On a recent holiday I enabled data traveller, the call was logged on my bill but they failed to enable it. My data ended up being cut off and I was billed a hefty sum. I had to phone 191 about 10 times speaking to the clueless staff half of which didn't even know that data traveller was available outside of Europe (I was in Canada). When I got home I'd been billed a ridiculous amount as the 191 calls had been logged on my bill as mobile numbers! When I phoned to complain they wouldn't believe me, even though the time of each 191 call was in my call log. Level two support eventually agreed to refund some of the money but said he was putting a notice on my account saying no more money was to be refunded if I phoned again. I was furious! My wife's account is just as bad. We have 3 months left but want out now. We're willing to risk a buy out!! I'm going to write to the chief exec and ask him if we can get out early without a fee due to the useless and frankly rude customer service we've received.
  • P122ed 0.
    I am sorry to say that Vodafone have perhaps the worst customer service ethos of any company that I have ever dealt with. Some of their staff are rude to the point where I wonder if they are actually running a book to see who can wind up the customer most! I have been with Vodafone for a long while now because I wanted the coverage etc that a major supplier offered but no more. As soon as I can get out of this contract I will, it is my intention to break the contract due to breach of contract on their behalf, I am also of the opinion that the phone was missold to me and the information I was given by their instore rep was incorrect. It is time that companies like Vodafone felt the wrath of their customers dissatisfaction.
  • Peter
  • Niall M.
    In response to your opening, the postings all seem to be from honest hardworking people (inverse of Vodafone!), with a valid point. I myself was a Vodafone customer for 11 years. My girlfriend (another "valued customer") bought a smart phone and the bills trebled, although she never exceeded her data download. My response was to drop Vodafone immediately. Here is another point for thought. Vodafone have decided to cease the hard-copy of your bill, so if your of the older generation where online billing is an arduous venture, screwed by Vodafone is inevitable. Getting back to the online bill which is not a spreadsheet or numeric text that you can copy and past into a spread sheet for your own records/check. No, its an image of your bill, preventing you from using a PC application to check your account. The image takes up much more space, and takes longer to download, but at least it allows Vodafone to continuously screw their customers. Thankfully, in about 12 or more months people will drop them to move to a less corrupt provider.
  • daniel 0.
    is me daniel john my adress is 82 grafton court manchester m15 4ag , i need to cancel my 1month contract with vodafone from that i rung u.
  • Jayne E.
    just dont use this horrible company, they rip you off big time.
  • linz
    Iv been on contract one month because i got told They was a great network well wat a mistake this is my bill Is ment to be 35 a month yet bill is ova 45 but u dnt no how As iv not gone over my mins ir tx or mega bites and in being Charged vat on every tx n call its stupid they neva Said any thing about vat beinf agree with stuff .
  • jacky f.
    After using Vodafone for a year ,they lowered the signal now i havent had a signal at all for the last 7 months. i had been taking my pc to town to get a signal, they say i have been using it so wont help, your meant to use a pc at home ,thats what its for.I am using a 3 dongle on top of my contract,Vodafone are much dearer and give less then others ,i cant wait till my contract runs out and wish they were exposed for the robbers they are.
  • doreen m.
    Hi There, need some advice. i purchased a contract phone from car phone warehouse on vodafone a couple of days ago but I do not like the phone and I have seen a better deal elsewhere. I have not used the phone except to turn it on and check its features. This morning my employer went into liquidation and i now have no job. i cannot afford to pay for this contract, i am a single mother, now with no job. I have been to CPW to try and return the phone but they have said to me they cannot accept my return as there are no returns and exchanges on contracts. They even wrote it down on the contract to be sure they were making it clear to me, but I do not remember the sales guy clearly explaining this to me. He was more interested in me getting an expensive cover and film cover for the phone. I feel like i have been duped. Can i get this contract cancelled? Thanks in advance.
  • Jeanne
    My husband, a Vodafone client, died in December. I called Vodaphone in January to let them know that I wanted to terminate the contract which was made until the end of June. I sent in a copy of the death certificate. I then received a bill from them for terminating the contract early. In addition, I got numerous calls asking for my husband from staff who were trying to push for their payment. I didn't know at first if they were friends or family and it was rather upsetting to say the least. Now I am getting penalties added on every month that I don't pay the bill. Is it true that survivors must pay a penalty in this case? It seems so unfair!
  • Tim
    PS - I increased my minutes to 900 p.m. and my useage is 198mins but they still say I owe them £444!!!
  • Tim
  • Sarah-Jane M.
    I've been with vodafone for years as a pay as you go customer and had no problems, but this soon changed this year when I decided to take out a contract with them. I specifically told them that I wanted a package for just calls and texts as I never use the internet on my phone so I signed up for a £13.50 a month contract. I was horrified when I was charged £40 in October and £50 in November!!! I rang customer services who told me that "It was due to how much data I'd used" I explained on 2 occassions that I NEVER use the internet on my phone and I've turned off all my internet settings. VODAFONE ARE A NIGHTMARE - NEVER USE THEM. I'm scared to use my phone at all now.
  • Suzanne
    VODAFONE IS A NIGHTMARE - DON'T USE THEM...... I have a list of complaints a mile long! First of all, the handset proved to be useless....had it sent for repair from a different Vodafone Outlet, (was given a "dinosaur" phone as an interim replacement, which I guess I should have been "grateful" for, as my previous visit to the Agent who set up my Contract had a "couldn't care less" attitude, and said “it will take up to 5 weeks to repair, with NO replacement phone to use”. He was not interested in replacing the phone! Then there were the drop outs..12 times in 15 minutes was the norm....after countless phone calls to complain, which was an ongoing problem, months later I was advised "we have upgraded our coverage, and your phone is not compatible”! Can you believe it? In addition to this, my phone for some unknown reason switches to Message Bank, even though I have been into Vodafone for them to reset it....have also made several calls regarding this issue, and also checked the settings on my phone. After phoning and requesting that this be turned off (lost count of how many times), I was advised that it is OK now, “it has been turned off”. However, two people tried to call me countless times yesterday, and got the Answering Service, and couldn't contact me at all so they gave up!! (My phone didn't ring once)! Also rather interestingly, the guy I spoke to today said “I can see where it is switched on”! Again for the third time this month, I contacted Vodafone for a balance on my I don't receive a hard copy...and was told that the amount outstanding was over $100.00, which shocked me, because I am on a $29.00 per month plan, and my account was paid up to date last month. Also, I don't use any data on the phone, only make calls and text...and certainly not the number of calls to warrant an account for that amount! (That is why I requested to see how the account was calculated). In 21 months, I have never used an excessive amount! I was also told to go online and check the account, but this is another nightmare as the system never accepts my passwords, which I have had to change countless times! Another complete waste of time, and another story! During my discussion today regarding the calls calculation, and cancellation, it was suggested several times, “I will put you through to Technical Support”….I thought we had moved on from that….makes you wonder if they are training robots to keep repeating themselves over and over without taking any notice of what you are actually saying??? But they are “well trained” in repeating….”sorry to keep you waiting” “ I apologize for any inconvenience” “I can understand your frustration” etc, etc…’s a wonder I am not in the “nuthouse” as a result of this experience! I guess it is marginally better than being completely ignored, as I wrote to the Vodafone Manager in Australia with my grievance months ago, and am still waiting for a reply! So, after another 1/2 hour on the phone today, I am still no closer to solving my request, for the summary of calls, and cancelling the Account (minus the exit fee I think Vodafone should pay me for putting me through all this misery)....but have been advised that "somebody will call you within 24 business hours". We shall see! I rest my case!!
  • grant o.
    Well, this is my experience of vodafone.. I took a contract out 5th of may 2012... i picked the number which was a nice number to remember, and the day after i took out my contract, Vodafail changed my number to a different number overnight!!!, i rung up customer service to express my concern and the representative said " Do not worry about it, we will bill you on your new number and the other line will be terminated fee free." Being happy that it was sorted i carried on as i normally would, it is now december the 6th, since that day i have not heard a peep from vodafone about the number i had chosen but was changed overnight...but this soon changed as on the 13th of november i received a letter saying my contract was cancelled and i owe a termination fee of £720...Considering i haven't even used that number for nearly 8 months i am disgusted with vodafone, i cannot afford to pay £720 and i am in the middle of fighting my case and getting them to correct their mistakes... For anyone who reads this, DO NOT EVER USE VODAFONE, they rip you off, don't care about you, they just want their money, take note of everyones experiences, do yourself a favour, and go with a more reliable provider
  • Brian
    I was looking to upgrade to iPhone 5 but was not sure when my contract ran out. A friend told me to download My Vodafone App and that is when I found out that they had me down as a Business Account. Have now spent 5 days of my life trying to sort it out with them. One of their staff admitted to me that because I had a store set my original account up they did it as a Business as they get a bigger commission. Needless to say I get nothing but promises and now they want to charge me a penalty to close my account two months early. I pay them for their scam - not bloody likely.
  • Laura T.
    Vodafone are a joke, i can't wait to leave them!!!!!
  • tony n.
  • unhappy c.
    If someone thinking to make a contract Vodafone at home broadband 6months half price, then you have to think will spend money for calls to vodafone, you will waste your time trying to figurate where is that dreamed broadband and when you will have it dont be surprised by the quality...loads of web's wouldnt load...they promise you up to 24mb/s, but i call it from 516kb - 5mb Jumpers internet. P.S. and be carefull of agent named Gideon or have stuff to record your conversation...good luck!
  • Brad
    I just got a Vodafone 3 days ago. I want out of this contract. The mobile network is about 5 years behind. This is ridiculous. The salesman told me there was at peast 3g in most places. Wrong! I have not seen 3g on my phone yet! Is there not some kind of money back guarantee with the contract?
  • mr c.
    I want to cancel my contract please this is a 30 day notice.
  • Bernard M.
    Posted by Bernard McWilliams on 20th August 2013. I wish to cancel my contract. Please take this as my 30day notice. I have repeatedly attempted to cancel on-line. I have called a number of times and have been misdirected each time and I have been into two outlets and still my contract runs. I would appreciate a response to this and confirmation that my contract will end in 30 days.
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  • Michael z.
    I need to know how can I go about canceling my contract with Vodafone due to financial problems I really can't cope now ?
  • Wilson P.
    please disconnect the mobile number - [phone number removed]. My phone lost this ealy morning. edit **We're not Vodafone - Ed**
  • F B.
    I am very upset with vodaphone since March I have no reception at home and at work so it's been impossible to talk in the phone. I've try to contact them about it they say I will be reward one they fix the problem. Also I had increases in my plans from £31 to £35. I am so upset and terrified with ther response. I have another year to go with them but would really appreciate if somebody advise me how to cancel/end my contract. Many thanks in advance F Borcal
  • Alan C.
    Vodaphone have taken money from my account without authorisation and they will not respond to my complaint. Bravo to this site, the more truth that's told about this terrible organisation the better.
  • Caroline A.
    Vodafone have taken money without authorisation from my account in five different occasions. They point blank refuse to refund it and say they will use it to offset future bills. On top of that my online billing account has been suspended and they won't respond to my request for a hard copy. When I've rung in to check my latest bill I get a different answer each time. Add to that very poor customer service, lies and contradictory statements. I've now accumulated a case for cancellation. Vodafone are refusing point blank to terminate my contract until all penalties are paid. I've informed them that is against the law and I have the legal right to terminate. They have even put that in writing!!! Now I have requested all my telephone conversations under the FOI act and I'm intending to sue for damages the exact amount of the penalties they will levy. Only problem is they are ignoring calls letters and emails. Now doing the registered post route. I HATE THEM.
  • John B.
    I decided to switch from Orange after being a customer of theirs since they went into business, and signed up for Vodafone, OMG, what a mistake this has been. Being self employed, I obviously wanted to keep my number which is a very easy one to remember, this number was allocated to me just by chance, Vodafone rep said that the "Keep your number" route was simple, OMG, how wrong they were. It is almost a week now since the PAC details were given and I was told to switch the phone off for five hours, on switching it back on, and up to this very moment, not only was the number switched, it is as dead as a Dodo. Have now spent around twenty hours on the keyboard, phone, and even did a forty miles round trip to the Vodafone outlet in Dumfries trying to sort the problem out, all without success, but if I wanted to take out a contract and receive a new iPhone, they would do backward summersaults for me. One of the favourite lines when on the "Chat" feature is "We are here to help" OMG x 1000. Vodafone reps have cut me off when they have not been able to tell me the truth and severe the connection to save them further embarrassment, what really frightens me is the fact that one person has been going through the same torture for eight weeks now and the problem has still not been resolved. I have never even considered taking legal action in my life before, but this situation is steering me to making this the exception. I ALSO HATE THEM.
  • elaine w.
    My contract finished 8 th may but that sent a email telling me that my bill is ready phoned them up only to be past from one person to another that are scared to death to put you through to cancelations then somebody told me that somebody was going to phone me then that wonder why people are leaving looks like I will have to talk to Ann robinson
  • Shaun b.
    Hi my son in August got a massive bill of £1500 for over usage of data he pulled the money back from the bank then Vodafone stop his phone about 8 days later up to then he had used another £360 of data we knew there was a problem with the handset which he upgraded to in May so he took it into a Vodafone store which they sent away then sent back with a Vodafone letter head letter stating there had been a repair I phoned Vodafone to switch his phone back on they said it would be put straight back on and stated there had been a data leakage on hand set, and also was offering a pittance of compensation 2 days later my sons phonewastill barred at this point I called back and this time they said there was nothing up with the phone and he had to pay in full on a 6 month plan I told them to shove it I've requested a manager to call back several times still no call we are at a dead end now what can we do??
  • Konstantin D.
    My issue explained in a letter I emailed the CEO of Vodafone and customer service: Dear Sir, I write to you as a last resort, as I have lost all hope dealing with your customer service teams! I am a loyal customer, and have been with Vodafone for roughly 5 years. Recently i renewed my contract and this is when hell broke out! First there was a problem with the offer I was given for my renewal and the discount I was promised… I took me more than 4-5 days calling every day and staying on the phone in excess of 1 hour per call mostly on hold. After that was resolved my mobile was not delivered in time so I had to go and collect it from the courier myself! Only to find out that I was promised 64GB version but got given 32GB version, I than started calling again customer service to try and get this resolved! I was explained that it is impossible and that 64GB version does not exist! I later found out that this is a lie! The mobile was faulty so I had to return it and got another one as replacement. A few weeks later I lost connection to the network, so naturally contacted customer service again and was told that my account had been migrated to a “New” system and that it was disconnected “By mistake”! I was then left with no mobile service for more than 15 calendar days! And had to call more than 20 times (each time on hold for more than 40 minutes!!!), went 4 times to the Vodafone store in Leatherhead ( was told they cannot help me as the contract was renewed over the phone) to finally get my service back working! I was overcharged the last month just after the upgrade and got told that I am due £50. I than got charged £1046 for absolutely no reason after spending another 3-4 hours on the phone getting bounced from team to team, was told that it is again a “mistake” and have been charged cancelation fee ( provided my contract was renewed recently!!!). I received a TXT message from a Billing manager on the 30th last month promising me that my money will be back in my account within 5 business days. Last week on Tuesday I called and asked why that is not still happened, and was explained that it will need a further 3 business days to complete. It has now been 10 business days ( 15 calendar days) and I still have no money!!!! Meanwhile my account has been overdrawn since 25th last month and I get charged £0.75 per day for that as well! I had no money to celebrate my birthday either which was on the 11th December! I would like to ask for your help as am desperate to get my money back! This is a lot of money and I cannot understand why your employees CAN NOT understand how serious this is and why no one can help me! If this does not get resolved I will be forced to take legal actions against Vodafone as I will not leave more than £1000 of my hard earned money to go to waste in your accounts! With Kind Regards Konstantin Denishev
  • Dawn
    Hello, I'm not sure if this is still active but need help as I got a £2,000 bill from Vodafone in August & have been arguing with them since. I'm being treated horribly as well as being lied to, constantly being told one thing and then have someone else tell me differently. I have now made an official complaint & hoping Ofcom will help me get that bill wiped & the account cancelled. I also want to sue them for the stress they have caused me. Does anyone have any advice?
  • Liesel H.
    I have had similar issues with Vodafone. First, I ordered a contract phone and they told me that I had to get a pay as you go SIM first and that it needed £10 top up on it. I paid it, because I didn't realise it was wrong. Also, I had been given the wrong size SIM and so, I had to order a new one. Thankfully, after about a week of complaining to them, they reimbursed my £10 top up. However, they shouldn't have charged me in the first place. Secondly, when I got my contract, I was under the impression that I had unlimited texts for 24 months, however, I only had unlimited texts for 12 months and they didn't tell me that I had gone over. I had only 300 texts now and I had sent just over 800 and so, I was charged £90 more than my bill. Then, it was apparently my fault because I hadn't checked MyVodafone, when I didn't even know it existed and so I had to pay and then pay an extra £2.50 a month for unlimited texts. Then, I have a four member family group for £5 a month and last month, I checked my phone bill to see that it should have been £26 and it was £48 over and I was only half way through my month. I had been charged for calling on the family group. But what annoyed me the most was that I went through the breakdown of the bill (which apparently, the person on the end of the phone couldn't see) and they I hadn't even been charged consistently. On the Tuesday, I was charged £7.28 for a 16 minute phone call, but then on the Friday of the same week, I wasn't charged for a 19 minute phone call. Then, it took them 3 weeks of constant phone calls before they admitted that there was an issue with the charging and we weren't charged. Vodafone's lack of clarity is frustrating, when customers are given texts to say that they're nearing their limit on their data, but nothing else. It just feels like a reason to get more money out of us and most of the time, we can't fight back because our hands are tied by the contract's loop holes. One thing is for sure, after my contract ends, in two months, I am never going back to Vodafone.
  • Eileen H.
    Like many other people Ihave had appalling service from Vodaphone. I don't have a contract with them and bought the phone purely to text my two daughters each morning to say- I'm ok r u? Just to let them know I'm fine ! Ito had to pay £10 for the SIM card ! I have ery rarely used the phone to actually speak as I'm paying BTeach month for any time calls and also use e- mails! I top up regularly so at no time is it empty! Ibsen discovered money was being taken out every few minutes for news- I hadn't asked to recieve it- why would any one want it when they can get it from T.V and the news paper! I managed to get this cancelled but need I say no refund? On February the 19th I topped up the. £10 already in with £20 ! I don't do this by phone but at the local shop! I. Then was informed by Vodaphone they they were taking £4.75 from me monthly for a service ! I had neither asked for or wanted and if I didn't want it I had to text STOP to a number which disappeared from the screen along with the message beforeI could text! I went straight to the shop where the girl told me they were quite naughty because they do this so she could nt do anything! Absolutely fuming I decided to call Vodaphone and was given the option of pressing different buttons. It was only when I pressed the 'thinking of leaving ' button that I got an immediate answer from an Indian lady's who was hard to understand! She said she would cancel this and the continuous texts I get with offers supposedly for my good but only to Vodaphones advantage. I'm wondering if it is legal for them to take money without permission! As soon as the money is used up it is Goodbye and good riddance to such a dreadful company! I am a pensioner on a very limited income but fortunately I'm of good intelligence( except when I went with Vodaphone) but what about the poor people who aren't and are taken in by them?

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