How to cancel your Virgin mobile contract - update

While covering Orange's attempts to change your contract, we also published a post about how you could cancel your Virgin Mobile contract for similar reasons. Bitterwallet reader Steve got in touch to tell us about changes Virgin Mobile are making to pay-monthly customer terms. Looking through the changes, they're likely to effect most customers - in essence, if you call landlines or other Virgin mobiles, or make any other calls that less than a minute, then you're going to pay more than you originally agreed to when you signed the contract.

Here's the email that was sent to Steve, that every Virgin Mobile customer should have received:

Is this an opportunity to cancel your Virgin Mobile contract? Yep. Virgin's terms and conditions mention material detriment (i.e. your bill is likely to increase as a result of these changes) which is subtly different to Orange's terms, which didn't. That said, the changes are so fundamental they're bound to effect you. Short of leaving your phone permanently switched off, you're probably going to be worse off:

  • Call any landline or Virgin Mobile number and calls will cost 20p per minute at all times, instead of 15p per minute for the first five minutes of the day, and 5p per minute after that - so a call that lasts two minutes will cost 40p instead of 30p, a six minute call will cost £1.20 instead of 80p and a 10 minute call will cost £2 instead of £1.
  • Make any calls to any landline or mobile number lasting less than a minute, and you'll pay for a full minute rather than the actual duration of the call

What to do next

Here are the particular Virgin terms and conditions relevant to your situation. Have a read through so you're aware of what you agreed with Virgin:

2.2 Minimum Term: This Agreement will continue for at least the Minimum Term although you may cancel it during the Minimum Term in accordance with Clause 10.
10.2 Your right to cancel: You may end this Agreement immediately in the following circumstances:
(c) if you do not accept any change that we notify you about in accordance with clause 5.3 and you notify us in accordance with clause 5.4 that you do not accept such change.
5.3 Significant changes: We will notify you at least one month in advance of any change coming into effect that (in our reasonable opinion):
(b) is a change to your Agreement, your Contract Allowance, the Services or any Additional Services you are using, or to the Charges for any Services or Additional Services you are using, which is likely to be of material detriment to you.

You'll have a better chance of cancelling your contract if you a) know the relevant terms and conditions (which you do, because they're above) and b) go through your last three bills and are aware of several examples per month of calls which will cost more once the new price structure begins - so any calls to landlines or Virgin mobile numbers of any sort, or to landlines or mobiles that last less than a minute. By doing this you'll have clear proof, based on your billing history, that the new prices are likely to be of material detriment to you.

Judging by the comments in the original thread, readers are finding it far easier dealing with Virgin Mobile customer services than they ever did with Orange. One recurring trend is that customers are being told they can't cancel until the date of the changes in September. This is incorrect - as clause 10.2 states, it's your right to cancel immediately once notified of the changes; more importantly, if you don't inform Virgin Mobile within 30 days of being notified, it'll be assumed you accept the changes and your right to cancel will be void.

Above all else remember to be polite and calm with operators at all time - treat them with disrespect and you'll probably find that any goodwill and helpfulness suddenly dries up. As before, support other readers by telling us how you get on. Good luck!


  • Junkyard
    I love the way they invoke the magical phrase "one simple flat rate", in some kind of bizarre attempt to make the customer think they're better off being charged 20p a minute instead of 5p. That's four times as much for fuck's sake. What kind of cockwads do they take us for?
  • LTQ
    "...they’re likely to effect most customers..." Affect. Effect is a noun, not a verb.
  • matt b.
    "Affect. Effect is a noun, not a verb." You're right. The BW team should effect your suggested changes immediately.
  • Anon
    Actually, effect is also a verb.
  • Nobby
    Why don't mobile companies just use different tariffs for different people depending on when they signed their contracts? That way, they don't break the contract on their side. Surely the bills are computerised so it would not be difficult. I've still got a Vodafone PAYG mobile with stop the clock on it. Evening phone calls to landlines cost 15p for up to an hour. Very handy.
  • Grea B.
    Hi, I’ve just cancelled my contract with Orange, and cancelled with T-Mobile and 3 before that, I’m adicted to cancelling my contracts now and I’m bored with my phone I’ve had a week. I’ve just joined Virgin, and want a new phone so I can sell these others that are barely 2 weeks old, can I do it? Thanks Grea D Barsteward.
  • Martha F.
    Hi LTQ, Is "You're a picky little TWAT!" A verb or a noun? Thanks Martha
  • Bluto
    >>“Affect. Effect is a noun, not a verb.” >"You’re right. The BW team should effect your suggested changes immediately." Yes, lest it affect the reputation of this site. (sorry - couldn't resist finishing the joke)
  • Santa C.
    Affect/effect, i dont care but the question on everyones lips is this: Bluto, how come in the popeye cartoon they always used to call the big fella "Bluto" but everytime im at a pub quiz and put this answer down im always corrected by the question master stating thay his name is "Brutus"??!! Please help people.
  • Nobby
    Santa Claus. Print this out and keep a copy with you, just in case you need to discuss it in more depth with the quiz master. Then down a can of spinach and beat the crap out of him.
  • Santa C.
    Nobby, thanks man, just for the record im not the real santa in case you have started your santa letter and ask for like an Iphone or somethin like that.
  • John
    Anyone else manage to cancel there contract? Can I Still cancel mine? let me know asap.
  • Matt
    Rang virgin and got told the cancellation department will ring me tommorow morning, but its totally allowed for us to cancel and there won't be an issue :-)
  • paks
    very easy to cancel. No fuss made. PAC code given straight away.
  • Martin
    I have just stumbled on this, after checking why my bills have increased, called virgin they advised that i cant cancell as i have missed the allocated cancellation time i have advised i didnt receive the letter, they said it doesnt matter they sent one. any ideas?
  • celine
    This whole thing with virgin mobile is just rubbish , iam saying this cause i am using their contract which is very expensive . I tried to cancell it but they put me from pillar to post, when i take their package it included free sms's but today they are no longer there. they always give me some excuses. I please request people not to put themselves in danger like me.
  • alison s.
  • mal
    im trying to cancel my contract with virgin right now i have been on the phone for over and hour they are really starting to piss me off alison i have the same problem as you with this blacberry phone they wont cancel im willin to pay to the end of the contract to get them oput of my hair but they just will not take no for a soddin answer why can you not cancel your contract after 8pm when they are clearly open 24hrs VIRIGIN ARE SHIT!!!!!!!!!
  • Sawdust666
    Virgin make 3 mobile look like the most competent mobile company in the world, thats how shit they are. For the first 2 months of my 24 month contract they managed to charge me 50 ppm instead of the 15 ppm i signed up for. They agreed to refund me and give me my first 2 months free. Upon phoning these imbeciles last week it turns out these 2 free months aren't included in the original 24 month contract. Anyway the reason for posting is that over the past 4 or 5 months i've noticed my contract go from 15 ppm to on avg. 35 ppm. Even if i am going over my quota how the hell does it always end up at this figure! Also a 4 pounds a day charge plus 15 pence per text message for being over my limit. This is extortion. I can't wait to cancel my contract with this bunch of rob dogging bastards.
  • Henco
    how to stop my vergin mobile contract after 24 mounths? I try to phone them but after 7 times of holding i gant whast more of my time. Henco 072 961 5885
  • Paul M.
    I have two 30 day rolling contract sims for £10 per month each. From last November they changed the tariff without asking me and are now charging me £20.99 and £20.43 for no more minutes, texts etc. I rang them and can not get any sense out of them. They won't tell me why it was changed, just that it was a promotion! How can I cancel these contracts please. They would not let me do this on the phone. They say I need to speak to the saves department, but they only work 9 - 5 when I am at work so can not ring them!!!! Can I write to cancel the contract - will they lose the letter? Gods teeth!!!!
  • Indian P.
    Magnificent beat ! I would like to apprentice whilst you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a weblog site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I have been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered vivid transparent idea
  • Anneli
    I want to cancell my contract. I want to know what can I do? And how many months must I give notice??? untill when is my contract? cell nr: 0741130954 please let my know via e-mail thank you
  • Belqis A.
    I was call by virgin staff to renew my contract, which I said no. I was told the contract will finished on 2nd of July and I should call virgin to concell, but it seem it is very difficult to get throug vigin. if my contract finished I am not going to renew it again. Can somebody call on my viring mobile number which is 07505295806 to discuss the issue with me as It is very difficult to get in toouch with virgin staff. I will be asking my bank to stop the direct payment by the middle of jun.2012
  • chicklette
    It is amazing this company still operates, I am so angry with virgin mobile their lack of customer service aka care - what a joke - I placed a call Oct 12 2012 1:01pm spoke to a "margo or marco" to cancell my account of course during the course of the conversation, asked why I was leaving I suggested she read my account history-that wasn't good enough then I went into the whole rackette-was of course disconnected, once again - yesterday was the end of our 3 year relationship, I called today to get the total final balance to pay in full - surprise surprise no record of my verbal request as well the written one was not able to be found by "todays' care solution specialest" therefore once again Virgin Mobile indirectly called me a liar - I know there is someone above them, who gave me permission to call or ask for him in the future due to the mis-use and mis-information in the past but no one would connect me to him and I have his info in last years calendar - they are not a customer friendly company they have continusouly not sent e-bills during the last 3 years also have charged me for add-ons on 2 phones for several months with acknowledgement or pay back - if I haven't suddenly received e-bill I am not sure how long this would have gone on-I WOULD SUGGEST THAT WE, CUSTOMERS, INVEST IN A RECORDING MACHINE TO COVER OUR CONVERSATIONS WITH COMPANIES LIKE VIRGIN MOBILE WHO CLEARLY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED WITH OUR CONTRACTS AND RECORDED (WELL THRY SAY RECORDED) CONVERSATIONS - who apparently are either mis-informing us that they do in fact record the calls or will only take the time to check a specific date and time to confirm that we, the customer did in fact call to report a cancellation, or was informed about whatever, so they could get the extra 60 x 2 /month this is very very poor customer service and is WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS I called and wrote them on Oct 12 2012 and received a reply to email that although I wanted this to be accepted as 30 day cancellation notice as I was disconnected during the call, which happened 2 times today with a disdirected call that had to be placed again, so even today a total of 6 calls today to cancell my account confirm it was cancelled and confirm the cost of cancellation-one call was placed to me because the person was trying to cell me on new plans lol as if - the last solution care person and the customer care person who transferred me were informative and in no way misleading which was refreshing and a severe positive change but I will say they will not be with virgin mobile canada long they will move on - I STRONGELY SUGGEST THAT WHAT EVER YOU CALL VIRGIN MOBILE ABOUT GET A REFERENCE/CONFIRMATION/EMPLOYEE NUMBER TO ENABLE YOU TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE TALK TO THEM ABOUT WHATEVER SO YOUR ASS IS COVERED KEEP IN MIND I JUST FIGURED THIS OUT TODAY AFTER A 3 YEAR RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS COMPANY -
  • Ursula M.
    Contract Number: 1090729132 cancel contract with immediate effect, lack of communicaiton, shoddy service on the part of Virgin Mobile. feedback is communication.
  • ursula m.
    please acknowledge receipt of cancellation in writing or text to my mobile number, i will instruct my bank to stop payment on my account from, 13th January, 1months notice to be exact, thanks.
  • Johanna P.
    Hi, Hope you well. I would like to cancel my virgin Mobile account. Please cancel contract with immediate effect.Please acknowledge receipt of cancellation to my email address - attached.Today 06/03/2013. This will serve as my one month notice.I will instruct my bank to stop payment on my account from 06/04/2013.My contract already expired and I DON'T want to renew. Account number 1090201169, Kind Regards, Juanita Pretorius
  • lukhanyo
    Would you kindly cancel my virgin mobile account.Please cancel my contract with immediate effect because i fail to understand why i am still paying because my contract end on november 2013( last year) i have tried to fix this matter by calling the cancelation department i could not manage to get through, so i am requesting you to cancel this contact and send me prove that my contractis being cancelled. Please reply on this email address. Please refund me all the money that you deducted after my contract has expired. My account number is [removed by editors] Account number [removed by editors] Kindly Regard, LUKHANYO MKROLA *****NOTE FROM BITTERWALLET***** We're not Virgin Mobile.
  • Susan L.
    I cancel my contract in 4 November 2013 and still virgin mobile still deducted (debit order) on my saving account that is not active. ABSA Bank send me a notice. I would like to cancel my virgin Mobile account. Please cancel contract with immediate effect.Please acknowledge receipt of cancellation to my email address – Phone many time to custurmer services and send 3 letters with prove of payment and still Virgin Mobile ignore my letters and emails. 1st letter and payment was 04 Nov 2013, 18 February 2014 and refers [details removed]. Payments made EFT 13 Jun 14 for [details removed], 15 Jul 14 for [details removed], 15 Aug 14 for [details removed], after i have spoken to one of your ladies at virgin office. She promise met that was the last payment. Still Virgin Mobile deducted (debit order) from my saving account I did not give anybody permission to place a debit order on my account. Account number [details removed] ***EDITORS NOTE*** Dear Susan Lee. We're not Virgin. We're a website writing about Virgin.

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