How-to and template for making an iPhone/iPad microsim from normal sim

If you've purchased an unlocked iPhone from the Apple Store you may have had a slightly unpleasant surprise when it showed up yesterday. As with the iPad, Apple have eschewed the normal SIM card for the new micro-SIM format. So if you went to pop your current sim into the new iPhone 4 you'd have noticed it doesn't fit into the sim tray.

If you're on o2 or Vodafone you can request a new micro-SIM replacement but many stores are currently short on micro-SIM's or just not helpful about replacing them.

Fortunately although the new format is physically smaller (12mm x 15mm) the chip contact points are exactly the same. All you need is a small sharp knife or scissors and five minutes later you'll have a working micro-SIM to pop into your iPhone (or iPad).

What you need:

1. Download this template and print it onto an A4 sheet of paper
2. Tape your normal sim firmly onto the guide.
3. Line up a ruler on the line guides and cut across the sim.
4. Round off the corners (the iPhone sim tray has rounded corners).
5. Pop your newly created sim into the sim tray and put it in your iPhone!

If you later need this microsim to be a normal sim you can buy a cheap sim converter that you pops around the microsim to make it standard size.



  • PaulH
    You forgot point: 6. Profit Didn't Rory Cellan Jones make a video of him trying this out and then putting the sim in an iPad and it didn't work...
  • Paul N.
    Well don't just freehand it - use the template above which is made according to the proper SIM specifications. I've tried my unskilled hand at it and it worked with no problems.
  • The B.
    Or you could just take the iPhone back, swap it for a phone that gets reception and use the money on a good night out, it sounds as though you probably need a life anyway.
  • Paul N.
    Yeah when are you free? You never return my calls :(
  • 4.0
    Thx Paul. Nice template!
  • rubixx
    Cheers man - I cut my sim card in about 5 mins - surfing on my ipad on the train now £5p/m unlimited plan
  • WQS
    Hi there Can any one send me this micro sim tempalte on my id. i could not download. [email protected] Thank you
  • nicholas
    hi, would appreciate if you could send me a copy of the simcard template as i cant find the download button for it. thanks
  • Joe
    You can still get a free sim or micro SIM with £5 free credit from with Truly unlimited mobile internet, texts and 250 UK minutes call time all for £10 a month. Powered by the O2 network in the UK with unlimited internet.
  • How B.
    [...] Chop down the SIM into a micro-SIM. This is scarier than it sounds. I downloaded and printed a paper template from this page, then used scissors to trim down the [...]

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