How much does a premium rate phone call cost? Ofcom is about to tell you

Bitterwallet - new Sony playstation phone Ofcom are going to start changing things regarding  premium rate phone numbers, in a bid to make it clearer for us plebs as we collectively have no idea how much it costs to ring businesses and the like. 'The like' being 'mucky phonelines'.

Basically, the watchdog is going after anyone who has a number that starts with 08, 09 or 118.

Under new rules, Ofcom want to see everyone paying a single ‘access charge' to their phone company for all calls to non-geographic numbers, plus a ‘service charge' to the company or organisation they are calling.

In return, phone companies will be required to tell customers how much the access charge is, which means that you'll be able to choose packages based on how much of the slack your phone provider is willing to take up.

Some tit at says: "Greater cost transparency and simplicity of charging is badly needed in the landline and mobile phone sector; we regularly hear from consumers who are confronted with charges on their phone bill that they were unaware of. Ofcom's proposals are a step in the right direction but we would like to see the onus placed upon phone providers to flag these higher costs to customers regularly - not just at the start of a contract."

In other news, all 080 numbers will be free from all phones, including mobiles, which is terrific.

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