HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday July 8th

You know, it’s the introduction to Deals Of The Day that’s the hardest part to write. Once you’ve found the deals themselves, that’s pretty straightforward, but the intro? It’s hard not to repeat yourself.

Then there’s the second intro paragraph, that’s where you really feel the pressure, trying to keep the initial momentum going as well as mentioning that the bargains are all courtesy of HotUKDeals. Scary.

Thinking that it’s time you invested in a new phone? Sick of holding the earpiece to your ear with one hand while bellowing into a trumpet-shaped receiver that you’re holding with the other? Mmm, us too.

Let us take you to a place where cordless digital phones with answering machines start from just £7.34 – with 75% off the RRPs. Okay, some of them look a little bit Cold War-era Eastern European but where’s the harm in that, Comrade?

Next, to a recurring deal that has been shaved and shaved right down to the current unholy price of just £14.99. It’s the complete Father Ted DVD box set, with every episode plus stacks of extras across 4 shiny silver discs.

It’s at this point that you’d expect us to play the Mrs Doyle card and say ‘Ah, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.’ Well we’re not going to. Feck that for a lark.

Finally today, something for the kids to watch if they’re not old enough to be able to deal with the sight of Father Jack Hackett emblazoned across their innocent minds. It’s a deal that could get them into the cinema for absolutely no money at all, completely free.

It covers selected Saturday morning showings at Cineworld picture houses and is in conjunction with the freshly-reborn Woolworths. No mention about pick and mix, although everyone just smuggles their own sweets in don’t they? And heroin.

(deals found by HUKD members fab_1, rhys135 and james02)

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