HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 26th January

hukd_logob1Richard Keys might be a massive, hairy-pawed sexist but there’s no place for that kind of shite around here. Apart from the fact that we’re highlighting a film made by a convicted sex criminal today, there’s ice lollies as well, and girls always look sexy sucking a lolly.

While we head off to Talksport in order to apologise for that last paragraph, why not go to HotUKDeals to have a look at some more bargains…

861308_1It’s January. It’s freezing outside, those people who haven’t passed out in the middle of the street from the cold weather are all wandering around with large snot icicles hanging out of their nose. It’s real end-of-days stuff and no mistake.

But is that REALLY any reason for those of us who are lucky enough to be indoors to not get stuck into an ice lolly just before Countdown comes on? Of course not. Why not get yourself a Walls 10 Happy Mix selection box then? It’s normally £3.05 but you can get it for just £1.45. That works out at £1.45 for 10 lollies or £14.50 for 100 if you buy ten boxes.

861267_1Next, we’ve got a couple of appealing mobile phone deals, with the HTC Desire handset at the centre of it all. No messing about here, it’s simply the finest handset that we’ve featured in Deals Of The Day for about three days. High praise eh?

First of all, there’s a refurbished HTC Desire for just £9.99 with a 24-month £18 contract (500 mins, 5,000 texts and 1GB of data). Or if that doesn’t suit you, you could always go for the HTC Desire Z for free, on an 18-month contract and a £20.42 monthly charge. Cashback is potentially available on both of them.

861323_1Finally, it’s an Oscar-winner, it's ranked #53 out of all of the films ever made according to IMDB and now you can own it on Blu-ray for only £4.85 delivered. Made by Roman Polanksi while NOT under house arrest for being a colossal pervert, it is of course The Pianist.

In case you don’t know of it, it s all about a pianist during the Second World War. We think he used to drive around, sit at the side with his piano, and soundtrack some of the battles. A bit like during the silent era of cinema. We’re sure you’ll like it.

(deals found by HUKD members whusayn, hozhoz, aerotec and pantomime)

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