HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 3rd May

hukd_logob1 Get into the crash position and brace yourself for a hell of a collision – that’s because we’re about to plough straight into an enormous pile of bargains. But don’t worry – we’ll all survive and be bigger and stronger for it afterwards.

That pile of bargains is slap bang in the middle of HotUKDeals HQ – feel free to crawl from the wreckage and have a mooch around afterwards…

930990_1The pre-summer summer we’ve been enjoying looks certain to be with us FOREVER, so it’s arguably time to invest in a new barbecue. An emergency one that you can wander around with and erect whenever the fancy takes you. Yes, erect.

Try this for size. It’s a notebook portable barbecue that folds down and can be carried around as if it’s a laptop computer or a tiny pasting table. Yours for only £13.33 although there seems to be some kind of suggestion that it could be as little as £3.33. Just make sure you give it a wipe afterwards before you wander off with it under your arm.

931159_1Once you’ve taken delivery of your new, novelty, portable meat-grilling sensation, you’ll be desperate to ring your mates up and tell them all about it. if you’re an idiot, you might also want to invite them round to have a go on it.

Save money on those phone calls by getting a 3 SIM-only mobile deal with 300 mins, 3000 texts and 1GB of internet for £10 per month on a 12 month contract. You could also be entitled to £54.54 cashback, which could bring the price to £5.45 per month. Bargain.

931307_1If you are stupid enough to invite a bunch of people round to gawp at your modern, marvellous foldaway barbecue, you’d better take some photos of the event. Some of them are bound to fall over or break stuff, and the photos could be essential pieces of evidence when it comes to you taking civil action against them.

Get those photos printed out for next to nothing with this deal – it’s for 100 free 6x4 prints and a free compact CEWE photobook. You’ll even get a free £10 voucher against future photo purchases. All you pay is postage and packing. You’ll end up regretting it though. All of it…

(deals found by HUKD members michaeln, srh007 and lakmii)

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  • Boris
    You could make the ugly London skyline thing a lot more impressive if you do the Fraiser thing. Every day have a different little animation like little lights going up the NatWest tower or the dome of St Pauls wibbling like a wobbly boob. I'm sure your avid readers could make aup a list of great suggestions!

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