HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 24th May

hukd_logob1 Let’s not beat around the bush here – it’s late and we’re all a bit drowsy. Some of us might even be phenomenally drunk. But we can still find the time for a round-up of the day’s best bargains, and you might even be lulled into a purchasing state of mind as a result.

So, with the help of HotUKDeals, let’s go!

oldtyle_phone_2007_02_20The Carphone Warehouse. It’s not a warehouse and it nobody has used the word ‘carphone’ in a serious context since 1995. But still the people flock to it – and they’ll do so in their droves from Thursday at 9pm, when they’ll be having a sale!

Some of the facts and figures include... Desire Z £200, Galaxy Tab £249.99, Blackberry Pearl £100, Sony Ericsson X10 £150, ACER D250 - £99.50, Toshiba 32" LCD £199, LG Optimus £50, Nintendo 3ds £160, HP Mini £119.50, Toshiba NB260 £119.99. Phew!

944333_1Next comes a lawnmower - not any old lawnmower but instead one that comes with an increased chance of blowing up and killing you and your lawn to bits. That’s because it’s a petrol lawnmower.

It’s made by Powerforce and comes equipped with a 3.5HP engine, a 50 litre grass box and loads of other stuff. Best of all, it’s only £65.00 to collect and you can probably ride it home like the old bloke on The Straight Story.

944288_1Finally, if you live in the north and enjoy aeroplanes, this one will be a complete mystery to you. Especially as nobody in the north is allowed to fly anywhere at the moment, in case the plane’s lungs and hair become bunged up with ash.

But if you live in the south and enjoy train rides, you should definitely read the rest of this paragraph. It’s a chance to get 90% off your Southern Rail train tickets but you must make the booking on Thursday 26th May and travel before 18th August.

(deals found by HUKD members patrick2403, batista and AndyMD)

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