HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 22nd June

hukd_logob1 If any of you have actually got any spare cash left after Slasher Osborne’s tirade in the House Of Commons earlier today, here’s some affordable stuff that you might like to spend some of that disappearing dosh on.

All bargains found at HotUKDeals, a site that we’ll look to for guidance more than ever in these fucking rotten times…

704990We kick off with an offer that might lead to mass panic-buying what with the impending age of austerity that we’re all about to stumble blindly into. It’s our old friend the tin of baked beans, assembled here in a delightful four-pack arrangement.

How much is the going rate for this so-called ‘four pack’ of beans? Is it £2.50? Nope. Is it £2.00? Nope again. In fact, it’s a mere £1.00, and the more mathematically able among you will detect that that is just 25p per tin. GO!

705232Next, and in keeping with the unavoidable post-Budget fact that we’re all going to be skint forever, EA have chopped the price of a bunch of their games for the iPhone and iPod Touch – they’ll be 59p until Thursday.

The full list is too long to repeat here bit it’s there to see at HotUKDeals. It includes, among others, Tiger Woods PGA, Fifa World Cup, Trivial Pursuit, SimCity, Need for Speed and Fifa 10. Like we say – 59p each. Groovy.

704709Next comes one of our semi-regular heads ups for a nice shiny new Blu-ray player for those of you who still haven’t got a piece of the modern audio-visual action. Yours for only £99.99.

It’s the Sony BDP-S370 and it does way more than merely play mere Blu-ray discs – it also plays DVDs, views photos, can access YouTube and the BBC iPlayer with the help of Bravia Internet Video and there’s rumours that it can even tie a knot in a cherry stalk with its tongue. Mmmm, sexual.

(Deals found by HUKD members mr_deals, Spies and wesa14)

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